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Muscle weakness??
2 Replies
Phoenix33 - October 13

Hi - I just found this forum and I am so glad I have a place to ask this question. I have had muscle weakness in my legs and arms for four months now, it increases with activity. I have no pain to speak of except a slight aching from overused weak muscles. The weakness is so severe i can barely walk some days. I've tested negative for most of the muscle diseases and last week a neurologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia on the basis of this weakness. I can't find this as a major symptom in any web sites. Can anyone help me. Is muscle weakness a symptom, can it be the only stmptom. I also have periods of intense fatigue with even more muscle weakness. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!


axxie - October 13

Hi Phoenix33, yes, a neurologist can identify you as having FMS. It's usually one of the first thing that happen to people, others will say it's the pain, then they will say, I used to be able to do this and that and now I have problems lifting my leg to go up the stairs. It's not a dysfunction, it's the disease that controls you, and therefore you find yourself very weak.

As for the intense fatigue that goes hand in hand with FMS and well if you can't get quality sleep, and restorative sleep, your muscles get weak from fatigue. It's all part of the dysfunction of your body not being able to properly restore itself.

Since your neuro sent you for tests and all came out negative gives another indication that what you may have is fibro.

I'm sure your neuro, has taken a detail account of your health, and asked you for any unusual things happening to your body. Has asked you to describe to him what kind of pain you have and to describe what your pain is like and where it hits you.

I was also diagnose by my neuro, and I remember, my neuro explaining to me, how my muscles turned into mush and what it was happening.

Have you been given medication for your problems?
How do you feel with finding out that you have fibro. Finally, how are you coping?

Please feel very welcomed to this site, we give our advice and we all ask questions and we try as much as we can to help out as much as possible.

Do yourself a favor and go by yourself a book on fibro, such as fibro for dummies, it will help you understand what fibro is and what is happening to your bodies.

Again welcome



Phoenix33 - October 13

Thanks - I am still in a state of disbelief. I was counting on getting better. I always thought FMS was a pain disease, and since I am experiencing very litttle discomfort - I am thinking maybe I am misdiagnosed. I am not coping too well as my life as I knew it has disappeared. I am very scared of the future. Anxiety takes over sometimes and then I feel even worse. Sleep is becoming an issue. Neuro prescribed Cymbalta, but since I'm not sure he is right, don't want to start it yet. I don't like taking meds and tend to get side effects.

I posted here hoping I'd get a better idea about lack of pain - sure hope it's not coming down the road.

Thanks for responding - I'll have to get a book.



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