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Muscle Twitching/Numbness
3 Replies
ccc - March 21

Does anyone experience muscle twitching in their legs? Anyone else get numb hands at night?


vavaughn - March 21

ccc -- I do get muscle twitches in my leg. I do not know if it is part of my fibro or something else. I do get numbness in my hands and my legs. The numbness is neuropathy. Have you ever been tested for neuropathy? It very well could be nerve damage in your hands. It could also be carpel tunnel. I'm no doctor. Just going from my own experiences. When the numbness in my hands started to increase my doctor said he believed in was carpel tunnel and not more damage from the neuropathy. He suggested I buy wrist braces from the pharmacy (the braces that have the metal in the wrist area) and sleep with them on to prevent further damage. Hope some of this is helpful.


January - March 21

Don't know if you live in an area with a lot of Lyme Disease, but I've been reading about it, and numbness and twitching are frequent problems. Go on some of the forums about Lyme; there's great information.

Lyme is very tricky to diagnose and treatments don't work too well. I had the classic bull's eye rash over a decade ago. The test came back negative so I never was treated. (But tests often do come back negative, and you need to be tested repeatedly during flares of symptoms.) I have the muscle twitching, weakness and numbness - it comes and goes.

The standard treatment for Lyme is antibiotics like doxycycline. However, most doctors only treat for a month and don't know that the literature states effective treatment requires 6 months to two years of antibiotics! Even then, symptoms can come back, from what I've been reading.

There's a lot of symptom overlap between fibro and other diseases, including Lyme. I also agree with Vavaughn - you could have some kind of nerve damage causing your problems. If your symptoms are bothersome, perhaps you can get a good diagnostic workup. (Just more fun stuff!) : ) Feel better!


firomama - March 25

i have both, but they happen all the time regardless of the time or what i do...the leg cramps are a result of horrible RLS which an epidural shot to the spine works wonders. the numbness. we are still working on that. i drop things constantly bc of it.



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