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muscle twitching all over
10 Replies
Heather - January 23

One month ago, I had an emotional trauma. Two days later, my arms went numb & tingling. That improved, but then a burning sensation started down my legs and eventually into my arms. That was replaced by painful cramps, jaw clenching, and a feeling of my facial muscles "pulling" back. I now have muscle twitches all over, and feel "electric". I have been to a neurologist (doesn't know, referring to another neurologist) and a rheumatologist, and he says it is fibromyalgia. All labs including ANA, RA, B12, folate, Normal EMG, normal MRI of brain and neck. Does anyone else get these muscle twitches all the time? My medications are Lexapro 10 mg, Atavan .5, a muscle relaxant (skelaxin), and Ambien. Nothing helps! Anybody have the same symptoms? I have burning in my arms and in my back all the time. Dr. recommended, yoga, first time was yesterday, and I woke up this morning in bad shape and it has continued to get worse! Somebody please help! Could this be anything else?


Tim - January 21

Hi Heather, your condition sounds a lot like mine with burning sensations in arms and legs , mine is predominatly on the left side from my face to my toes, I definitley notice it to be more predominate when I am under stress. I also have what I refer to as popcorn spasms in all muscle groups. I was diagnosed last year with myofacial pain syndrome and as recent as this week with fibro as all labs came back normal as were yours. I relate my condition to an old compression fracture that was severely irritated at work by working beyond normal fatigue because of demands made of me at work. As far as the meds go I've been given several sleep aids that do not work for me. The doctors are stumped that I refuse to take pain meds , I feel that even though they help releive the pain that they actually irratate the condition by adding toxins into the body and lure me into thinking that I can do things physically that make the myofacial syndrome worse. I am no doctor and do not profess to know anything about these conditions other than my own perspective. Hope you find answers for your ailments do not give up hope for relief. Keep looking for help and do not blame yourself, good Luck..Tim


Heather - January 21

Tim, thank you so much for responding. I feel like I am ALONE! I too have not taken the pain medications. But the constant twitching all the time drives me insane. It is mostly in my extremities. I have another appointment with a neurologist that is a professor at the nearest medical school, and I am hoping that he can give me some answers. I hear I am a mystery. All test are negative. But something has a hold on my body.


Jean - January 22

Hi Heather, it sounds like you are on the right medications however check back with your doctor about restless leg syndrome, you might have this underlying condition keeping you from responding to other medication. If it is restless leg then I would ask your doctor about Klonopin which helps with the muscle twitching all over the body and will also help with sleep and then you can get off those hypnotics, sleeping pills. It also depends on how long you've been on the antidepressant Lexpro which is a SSRI commonly used by most physicians to treat Fibromyalgia depression and anxiety. If you have been on this for a long period of time for instance a year then you may want to try another, I would ask your doctor about remeron, it will also take time for it to get into the system but has less side afffects than others.


Heather - January 22

Thank you Jean for responding. This is all pretty new for me. My symptoms began about a month ago, and now I feel like I have an electric current running under my skin or a buzzy purry kind of feeling. Does anyone else have this? Everyone says that fibro can wax and wane....when does the wane start???? I am still freaking out thinking that this surely cant all be fibro. Maybe I have ALS or MS, but my mri was negative for ms, and my emg was normal. Any more thoughts??? ALL ARE WELCOME!


ralph - January 22

hello heather,
i am sorry to hear about your muscle twitches. mine first started in 1989 and it scared the living hell out of me. i was thinking ms at the time. i was only 21 years old then. it was like one day fine then the next day whamo! they started in my abdomen, but progressed to my legs and pretty much stayed there with occasion twitches elsewhere. my legs also felt like they were vibrating especially while i lay in bed at night. made it difficult to sleep. i just put up with it for 10 years. then in 1998 the twitching got really bad in the legs. my left side felt weak even though i had the strength to do things. i also had slight pins and needle feelings on skin. i went for full neurological work up. all blood tests were normal, cervical and lumbar mri normal, emg pretty much normal. so i lived with it since then up until october of this year. i know the burning sensations you talk about in your muscles. mine is usually in my back from neck to buttocks. sometimes i feel it in my legs and arms (usually at night trying to sleep). i try to live with it. i had a brain mri done this summer because my vision was acting weird in my right eye (again another almost overnight thing). they did the mri with and without contrast of both brain and optic nerves. all was perfectly normal. went back to neurologist. he did more blood work to recheck for autoimmune diseases. everything was normal again. i finally got diagnosis of fibromyalgia. i agree with jean, because i am also on a low dose of klonopin. it does help to relax and helps with muscle twitches. but i do still get them even on the med. i am on two blood pressure meds also and nexium. some days i feel like a walking pharaceutical company. i go back to general pract. tommorow. i know they want to try me on an ssri. i have tried them in the past and they made me feel weird. i don't like to take meds. and


ralph - January 22

picking it up here because it cut me off:
the meds i usually react poorly to. jean is a great lady. you will see that see posts responses to most people in the forum. she has helped me greatly with advice and cyberfriendship. i wish you the best and i hope i helped you somehow.
somedays i feel like i am just existing. i also get a feeling that comes over me where i feel like i am in a dream or disconnected from reality. it lasts a few days or weeks then i feel okay again for a while. that is scary too.
i have two little ones at home and sometimes i don't have energy to do anything. MY FAITH IN CHRIST IS WHAT KEEPS ME GOING. I TURN TO HIM AND ASK HIM TO HELP ME WITH THE CROSS I CARRY. i am sure others have it worse, but i still suffer with this. i am sure you and others can relate. i hope you find help in the right doctors. God Bless You. i hope i helped you in some way. at least you know you are not the only one. especially with the muscle twitches. once you know it is not serious, then after a while you get somewhat used to them. Take Care and God Bless, Sincerely Ralph


KimR - January 23

Hi Heather, Yes, I know the type of purring feeling you are talking about. I saw another lady describe it as blood moving, and since mine was in my chest muscle, I felt it in my breast and thought a tumor was growing. Took two breast cancer doctors to convince me I didn't have that. There is a medical term for the feeling, I saw on a fibro web site, I don't remember the term, but said (feels like bugs moving around). I was so glad to see others had this feeling. My fibro doc said my chest turned red and that was due to the fibro. It drives me crazy. Mine finally went away after a little over a month. The burning really hurts. I am hoping it never comes back again, as I am feeling better, but I doubt it. I started taking fibro-care, magnesium and malic acid over a week ago. I was just diagnosed also, but was starting to feel better when I started taking them. Hope it helps.


Jean - January 23

Hi Heather: Since you are new to this to me it means your symptoms are more pronounced meaning don't know what is happening and what is all this I'm feeling. I've been there and it is frightful. I can only suggest for you to keep a diary of your symptoms and find other underlying conditions. The vibrations that you feel could be restless leg which does involve the body as well. Watch your diet and stay away from sugars and bread, we all like it but it tends to hurt us more. Doesn't mean to leave it out completely just watch yourself. Stretching everyday will help keep the muscles flexable in turn helping with some of the pain. Telling your doctor everything that goes on so he can give you the proper treatment and having a person to talk to such as a psychiatrist because they are good listners and also can manage medications such as antidepressants, that is their job. Your GP can help you with other medical problems that could arise. Just hang in there and I want to thank Ralph for his kind words and I am happy that he is getting some help. Ralph you may want to ask your doctor about raising the klonipin to 11/2mg at night since you are still having problems there, never hurts to ask, he might have other plans. Take care and I'll be here :) smile


Heather - January 23

Thank all of you for your help! I did go out and buy some mag and started it today. It is very frightening, because sometimes I also feel like I have a "cramp"? under my tongue, or that I am very "aware" of my tongue, or that it isn't working right. The internet has been the devil as far as scaring me when I put my symptoms in, but so far all of my test have come back negative. It has been good though, because you all have given me some peace of mind. I have prayed about it alot, and I know that things can always be worse, and there are so many people that are worse off. Not just with a disease but with so many other heartaches that can befall a person. I AM TIRED OF BEING SCARED. The fear enslaves you and obsesses all your thoughts. I analyze everything. Was I just walking funny? Am I losing my balance? I just dropped my pen....I wonder if my muscles are wasting away??? I mean...I drive myself NUTS. It has been very hard for me to leave it with God, because I always pick it right back up and take it with me when I am done. Oh well, if anybody else has any of the same stuff.....I'd appreciate hearing it. It is very reassurring. I have my 2nd neuro appointment on Tuesday, since the 1st is sending me to another. God bless all of you for helping me, and let's all pray for each other! Love, Heather


asil - January 23

Hi, I know exactly what you are talking about. My muscles twitch all the time, it is like an electric shock shooting through my muscles. It also happens when I am startled by a noise or if someone touches me. My body also feels like it vibrates, like a low electric current. i have the worst burning in my neack and upper back. I hate when I am at work or in a social situation any my arms or legs jerk. My hands also shake really bad, people do notice it. I feel sometimes like my lungs hurt and I can't breath or have to cough all the time. I also think the worst and get myself all worked up all the time. I am taking wellbutrin and it helps. The burning in my arms and legs has significantly gotten better. I have all kinds of weird symptoms, too many to list. I refuse to take any other meds. I just deal with it. Good Luck!



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