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Muscle Twitching
12 Replies
SMT - June 30

Does anyone else have this as a major symtom that keeps you awake? Does anything help this other than sleeping pills?


minne - April 2

I dislike the twitchng. One time I was holding a glass of ice tea & my hand just let go. I find by drinking warm milk with a tsp of Vanilla & a dash of cinnomon works wonders for me.


Elena - April 10

I really dont like diuring the night I have my leg muscle twitching. I am takeing Multi Mega Minerals from GNC...I am having very good sleep.


kbit - April 13

I have the same problem. I stretch out the muscle and myofacial massage once a month has helped as well.


JLS - May 12

I have extreme muscle twitching in legs. Diagnosed with Fibro. 7 years ago. I have had all the tests, including EMG not 6 months ago, was worried about ALS or something horrible. Test was normal. Does anyone else get these? What can I do?


Shae - May 13

I was wondering about twitching too. I posted a question here too. Under "does anyone else get this". I don't know what I have. I wonder does anyone who is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia been told twitching is a major symptom. I'm undiagnosed and don't know what is wrong. I am not sure if twitching is a major symptom of fibro or is it more pain?


nancy - May 14

I have twitching every night. I do have Restless Leg Syndrome, which you may want to research. There are things that can help with that. I do also seem to have twitching at night that keeps me awake and may be seperate from the RLS.


jamie - June 1

has anyone found help for the muscle twiching,i get them all day it seems much worse whem im still or sitting down.this drives me crazy .HELP


Edie - June 1

I believe you are describing Restless Leg Syndrome which my father sufferred with for years and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
about 5 years ago. I take Ibuprofen and bed time and message my legs which helps a lot.


Mindy - June 14

I also have the leg jerking but i also have alot of jerking all over my body as in my arms,stomach,head really all over at night...does anyone else have this as well? i have been diagnoised with Fibro for 2 years now.My doc said it could of been brought on by my diabeties as well?


Mindy - June 15

Anyone have a answer? thanks


marcall08 - June 29

Yes, I have the severe muscle twitching. Not just in my legs but in my stomach, arms, fingers, toes etc. Haven't found anything yet to help it. It really interrupts my sleep. Dx's with fibro about 4 yrs ago.


Joe S - June 30

I had a sleep study and they repoted I had 40+ incidents of twitching (restless leg syndrome). There is a parkinsons medication called miraplex (I think). It helps people, but I get extreme pain from this and 95% of all medications i take, so I don't take it.

Caffine is your worst enemy for RLS. Stretching and myofacial release is best.

Much of my exhaustion is fron RLS. Don't take it lightly. According to my sleep study, I never hit deep, restful sleep all night. The twitches wake you into REM. If you had DREEAMS the night before and are exhausted, you too are probably missing out on deep, restorative sleep. This lack of stage 4 sleep is thought to be the most significant factor in FM symptoms. Restless leg syndrome just puts more hurt into this awful problem. Read this:



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