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Muscle Twitching
10 Replies
JW - June 22

Does anyone else have bad muscle twitching or should I be terrified that I have something else? I am absolutely terrified that I have Lou Gehrig's disease or something like that. Right now it is my knee twitching like crazy. I am so scared. Help!


Judy - June 10

Yes I have the Muscle twitching.. I just figure it is from the fibro seems like very thing that happens to me is blamed on it..


ralph - June 11

don't get yourself all panicky. i started getting muscle twitches primarily in my legs nearly 20 years ago. i put off going to the doctors for the reasons you feel right now....ALS, MS,ETC. terrified fear of some horrible disease. when i finally did go back in 1998 they did an EMG, MRI of spine, blood work. thorough check for CNS disorders and ALS because I was soooo afraid i had it, although the neurologist said very highly unlikely. all tests came back normal. he said as well as an optho neurologist that muscle twitches are common in many people. they are called benign fasiculations (don't you love the technical terms). i have been back to the neurologist this past october. I had brain MRI more blood work done. again all was normal. my symptoms increased over the years which is what prompted me to go see someone. i could not live in fear anymore. i had to face this thing head on -- no more running from it.
I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, although my primary care doc does not believe in it. she said it is all anxiety. the symptoms are very similar for both. I KNOW your fear because i was in your shoes. As hard as this is for you, I would STRONGLY suggest that you see a neurologist. that way you can hopefully rule out your worst fears. another consolation is this. If your twitches have been happing for years with NO WEAKNESS then it probably IS NOT ALS.
Go see a specialist. I hope and PRAY for the best for you. sincerely Ralph


ralph - June 11

hello again,
by the way please keep us posted. let us know how things turn out. have your twitches been happening for a while. do you have any progressive weakness? my heart goes out to you because you sound sooo much like me. i pray that you are ok in the sense that it is not a progressive neurological or neuromuscular disorder or disease.


JW - June 11

I went to a neuro doctor in 2001 and had the workup done but I think my twitches have gotten worse. I am just too scared to go. I don't have weakness with them, just some fatigue which is the fibro. I think it is my anxiety (which is out of control) but I can't stop worrying about it. Thank you for your kind words. They do help.


Coree - June 15

I just went to a neurologist in Iowa City. I was concerned about the same thing. My muscles jump and twitch and you can visibly see them move. (Sorry for any spelling errors). He confirmed my diagnosis for FMS but he did not detect any other disorders or diseases. He told me that he had seen this many times with FMS. You should, to put your mind at ease, see a specialist. They can usually tell if you have ALS, etc, without much trouble. Good luck and good health!


Annie - June 18

Boy can I sympathize. I used to work out three times a week, resistence machines. One day, (I had been feeling fatigued-) I was working with a Pilates ball and suddenly my thigh muscles were shaking. It was weird. I STILL have this problem. And I no longer feel good after excercising...What has your doc said? What tests have they run? Lou Gehrigs is fairly rare, but fibro isnt. In medicine (Im an RN-) you always look for the more common problem first - "dont look for Zebras when youo hear hooves pounding!" I was SURE I had Lupus, LouGehrigs, Polymyositis or MS. But lab tests have pretty mch ruled these out. Tell me more. Maybe I can help!


Al - June 19

My muscles twich all the time and I also have a hand tremor. Sometimes my legs and arms feel weak or heavy. I am a scared that it is something other than FMS.


AL - June 19

I also had an MRI almost two years ago and it was fine. Should I have another one?


Anne - June 21

I have muscle twitching a lot. It occurs mostly at night (which is great, because why would I want to sleep?). Sometimes my husband has to "cocoon" me because my body is literally jumping around! I was told it's part of the FMS. My hands tend to shake in the morning, too.


Louise - June 22

Hi, don't get too scared. It's probably the Fibro. I've had twitching for years. It comes and goes. It started in my lower right leg and I now have it mostly in my upper right thigh and hip. It does happen elsewhere as well. I might not have it for a few months and then it will come back. It's annoying. I find it happens more often when I have used certain muscles more than usual. But, don't let that stop you from using them!! I have learned over the years that the pain, numbness, twitches, etc are worse when I don't exercise/stay active. Good luck.



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