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muscle twiches & jerks anyone??
29 Replies
slb71 - November 10

is there anyone experiencing muscle twitches or jerks when drifting off to sleep or ones that will wake you from sleep? if so can you please share with me what kind of medication you are taking for this problem? my dr has had me on lamictal xr for several weeks now and keeps increasing the dosage. i am up to 300mgs and with virtually no results. she doesn't seem to be listening to me. some times my whole body jerks. i've even had my tongue jerk really hard. that was very freaky to say the least! if anyone can offer experiences or suggestions that be great! thanks!


Auvonto - November 10

i noticed jerking when i was taking Lyrica now i take neuroton and have some jerks but not as bad. are you taking Lyrica?


HerRoyalHighness - November 10

This is a new symptom for me and is not consistent from night to night. I have actually bolted upright once from the spasms. No pain, just strong muscle twitches and jerks. The only change to my meds was the recent addition of Celexa.


fishingflorist - November 10

I have the same thing. One night I thought I would wake up with a black eye, my arms where going so bad. Dr. is ignoring me also. I am going to another doctor this week. I hope tell me something different than gabapentin, which doesn't seem to be working for me.


Fantod - November 11

This is a common problem among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). And, as you know it is very annoying when you are trying to sleep. A simple fix is taking Malic acid which comes in capsule form. YOu can find it in any decent health food store. About 825 mg a day should take care of the problem. Make sure that you understand how to use it and any risks associated with using Malic acid. Take care.


slb71 - November 11

i am not taking lyrica just cymbalta for now. doesn't really seem to be taking care of my nerve sensations. i tingle all over and have heat & cold sensations almost as bad as it was before i started taking it. my head tingles a lot too & sometimes i feel like i'm going to pass out or just fold right up. does that sound crazy?? i have never taken neuroton & don't really know anything about it but i think i'll research it since i've seen so many people in this forum are taking it.
sorry you too are having this symptom but it is comforting to know i am not alone. thanks for the input & i will be checking into malic acid also!


fibromite.u.k. - November 11

As Fantod said this is quite common with fibromyalgia and I know quite a few people at my fibro group who have it. When I was on neurontin, it was terrible and I was jerking really badly like you are describing, my husband didn't even want to sit with me in the evenings because I was jerking and almost hitting him. I am now on lyrica and it is a lot better, but I still get mild twiches and jerks. It just seems that it is a case of finding the tablet that works for you. Many people don't seem to like lyrica, but it certainly works well for me.


thecudd - November 20

My initial symptoms started with generalized twitching all over my body, which the Neurologists called "benign fasciculations" because they couldn't find anything else wrong with me after repeated brain MRI's, EMG's, etc. They basically dismissed me. And even after being told by a Rheumotologist that I probably have Fibromyalia, she also indicated that the twitching was "not" a symptom of Fibromyalgia, which I know is wrong. Eventually, the muscle pain began for me as well, and it is episodic in nature. For almost 2 years, I have had long episodes of muscle pain in all 4 quadrants of my body, plus episodes of TMJ, terrile nausea, plus headaches, and I have episodic problems sleeping. I noticed that I also get the jerking that you are referring to, especially when I am trying desperately to sleep. I get it in my arms and legs - they sort of do a bold twitch involuntarily. I am also getting pain and total restlessness in my legs, which I believe is restless leg syndrome. I have read that the jerking cold be something called "periodic limb disorder", which may also be common with Fibro suffers, and it has something to do with lack of restorative sleep. I am currenty not taking any medication and trying to deal with the situation without filling myself up with pain pills. It's not always easy, and every day is different. right now, the TMJ is doing a number on me, and I'm beginning to wonder if the TMJ is actually not TMJ at all, but something more serious. Thank you for letting me vent. Best to all.


slb71 - November 22

i am going crazy with these muscle jerks & twitching. seriously i am so tired i can hardly function anymore. i have a hard time staying awake at work and find myself falling asleep on my lunch hour. dr prescribed restoril that is suppose to help me sleep but it gives me such bad dreams i wake up just as many times as i did before. it is a vicious cycle i do not know how to get out of. the hard jerks are always at night however i have started having light twitches all over my body not only at night but during the day as well which makes me scared it will progressively get worse during the day. plus my dr changed my appointment to see her to a later date because she won't be in the office on the day they had originally scheduled me.

we are getting close to the end of the year and i'd really like to have things resolved before i have to meet another huge deductible. i have met it twice already and can't afford to have to do it again. but unfortunately it looks like i'll have to try. don't mean to complain as i'm sure i'm not alone in that.


cabingirl - November 26

I began suffering the leg twitches about 8 years before I was diagnosed with fibro. I now get twitches from head to toe when I am extremely tired. I can visibly see the muscles twitching in my legs, arms, even my buttocks.

I've found that alcohol makes it much worse, particularly the next day.

I've also found that the more I walk and do mild exercise, the less I am bothered by the twitches.



fibrosurvivor - December 2

Yes I have muscle spasms every night when I lay down and try to let my body relax. The best thing for me has been a muscle relaxant at night when I go to bed along with my cymbalta. Right now I take Xanaflex and when that doesn't seem to work anymore we switch back to Soma.


slb71 - December 4

i am not taking a muscle relaxer now but i plan to ask my neuro my nest visit but i get tired of taking soooo many medications!


fibrofog - December 4

I experience the same thing when trying to go to sleep. I think it is called myoclonus. I take requip 1mg at night for restless leg, but I'm still twitching away.,


Bailey2009 - December 11

I get tongue twitching every day - it's a nightmare but ive had it for ages now so it's obviously not serious but distressing! Am giving the Malic Acid a go. Best wishes


kimzsoa - December 14

Ha! Finally someone with my same problems. I have had this for a couple of yrs. My doctor put me on clonazepam, an anti seizure med and it works great for not only the twitching, but anxiety as well. Keep in mind it IS addictive but at a low dose not worse than alot of other meds you might try and sometimes you just NEED long as you take as prescribed you'll do great. I just recently had my dosage upped just a bit as I was having PTSD symptoms again and would scream if my husband was behing the door when I opened it, or in the bedroom when I'd come out of the bathroom, or one of the kids snuck up behind me. It is helping me a great deal with ths...the doctor feels the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from a 17 yr abusive marriage is what contributed to my fibromyalgia and now I finally have a wondeful husband. Jan 1 will be a yr and now I have this to deal with. :( He's very supportive and understanding though.


uk2 - December 15

I too noticed that my body jerking was more extreme when taking lyrica and now i have been off this for 2 yrs my jerkings are much less and i find alot of drugs do have this effect so it might be worth checking your medication and talking it through with your dr?


Alka - December 25

I am new this forum. I thought I was imagining this twitching thing in my legs and arms. I also have this weird sensation of pins and needles and suddenly my right arm would go numb and in cramp when l have been using the mouse. I also sometimes have sensation of elbow or knee being wet. l also struggle to get warm when l have been outside for even just 5 minutes. I feel I am going crazy.



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