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Muscle Twiches
5 Replies
jeffh - July 14

Has anyone experienced chronic muscle twitches with FMS? My leg muscles twitch on a regular basis....the doctors say "ignore it and it will go away" Any similar experiences?


I twitch too! - May 5

I recently posted a question on here as well under "Does this sound like anyone?". I twitch as well, but not in the same locations as you. I have twitched for over a year. I've done a lot of reading on the internet, which is a bad thing, but on several occasions I've read muscle twitches in the calves is releated to anxiety and stress. I hate to give advise but as in my situation if your not happy pursue it further with your GP. It is easy for them to say ignore it, but their not living with it. I know it scares the .... out of me. Take care.


fibroprof - May 7

Lots of twitches here. I take an anti-parkinson's drug requip to allow my legs to stay still when I am sleeping. Prior to this drug (my dosage is 1/75 of a parkinson's patient), I hadn't slept through the night in eight years. Google "requip and restless leg syndrome"


Tiffany - May 24

Yes, i have had some "leg twitches" when i sit still, i have to shake my left or right leg; or sometimes, i may shake both. what is this called?


lmt - July 12

I twich everywhere all the time. I used to think nothing of it as a teen, it almost tickled. Now it is too much, it twiches my eyes, face, fingers, small, and large muscles. I have a suspicion it has even affected my organs, heart, eardrum, intestine and so on. It is getting worse and I am having trouble holding a single thought in my head, it is a struggle just to do normal everyday activities anymore. Doctors that I have gone to find nothing wrong in my blood work, so they seem to think there is no problem.


Lynne - July 14

Mine either acts up in my upper back between my shoulder blades or in my Glut muscles, I think my are more spasams then twitches ... Ignoring them will not make them go away I am currently taking muscle relaxers for mine. You really did not say how bad the twitching is and also is it in the deep muscle or are you shaking? The other question was is this twitching all over or in certain locations?



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