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muscle stiffness with painin hip area
6 Replies
susieo461 - October 22

Dx of Fibro. The more I walk the stiffer my hip area muscles get until I have to stop walking. Extreme pain and clumsyness accompany. I also have dx of dz similar ro MS but do not show lesions on brain. This is greatly interfering with shopping. traveling, walking in general, etc. My Doc says nothing to do and gives me a blank face. Have tried Neurontin and now nsaids but do not help. Any ideas?. I have been like this for over 10 years but it is getting worse and am thinking I may have to go to a wheel chair or scooter while traveling. I did this when I went to Buchardt Gardens this spring and the wheel chair was very demoralizing.


Robin1237 - October 22

I think this is Lyme disease, caused by a bacterial infection that inflames our nerves and soft tissues. I stretched out my stiff hip muscles in a pool over a period of months and got the pain to diminish greatly. Many people with Lyme present with MS symptoms because of the impact on the brain neurons. People with Lyme need antibiotic treatment. Go read at for info and help in finding a Lyme-literate doctor. One more thing: there is a site called [email protected] The folks there are taking a low dose of naltrexone, a synthetic opioid that boosts the immune system. And they are reporting that it stops the progression of their MS!


charliebrown - October 23

Hi,susieo461. You might want to google IMS (itramuscularstimulation) therapy. It has truly been a positive experience for me for my muscle pain. I have been on many painkillers as has everyone else and tried many therapies. So far the only thing that gave me relief was a supplement which I won't go into because it is a home based business and I don't wish to stir the waters. But the IMS treatments are fairly new, something like acupuncture but stimulates the muscles that are affected only. I have had about 7 treatments and with each treatment I find that my muscles affected are that much more stronger. I also find that after the treatment I am VERY energized. I completed things in my home that have been pushed aside for weeks. I suggest that everyone with fibro give it at least a 3-4 treatment test to see if if helps. Though because it is so new, there are not a lot of therapists that do it. You will have to check out physiotherapists in your area. Let me know if it helps. Unfortunately the main reason I tried it was because of my neuropathic nerve pain, and it has had no positive effect on this horrible 24-7 pain. If anybody has had any success with anything for this please let me know. And NO I do not have Lyme disease!


innercity51 - October 26

Let's not even think that you are going to wind up permanently in a wheel chair! Have you heard of OPC-3? I have alot of testimonials of people that have gotten extremely better. If your interested in reading them, let me know. There is so much information out there, and this is by far the best I have read. I personally have taken this product. I have seen some amazing results in my own life.
There is help out there. Please don't get discouraged.


skidoo - October 26

Kind of hard to believe someone who profits from the sales of the product they are promoting.


Fantod - October 28

Hello - Has anyone ever checked you for bursitis or osteoarthitis in your hips? Bursitis is extremely common in FMS. I have it in both hips. Makes walking any distance a nightmare. Your Dr. sounds pretty disinterested in you as a patient. Maybe you should consider finding someone else. Best of luck to you.


melvian - October 30

Electronic Stimulation or Ultrasound therapy has worked for me. I litterally was curled up in a ball 1 1/2 years ago. I found a chiropractor who practises Gonstead theory and it truly has helped me!! At first I started on very little stimulation due to it hurting so much, BUT as my doctor told me, muscles crystalize and when that happens it takes awhile for them to become loose again. I hope this helps.



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