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Muscle spasms / hyper-sensitive nervous system
2 Replies
Beth M. - March 9

Hi, everyone:

I'm a 36-year-old married woman with a body and nervous system that seem to be on the far end of the bell curve (at least for the last few years), and I'm just trying to find out if anyone out there has experienced anything similar.

My experience started seven years ago with a post-pardum depression after my second child was born. I ended up getting on zoloft, which was a real lifesaver at the time. I had to take very small doses, though, because I've always been highly sensitive to meds.

Two years later, after a UTI that left me with some internal itching in the supra-pelvic region, I mistakenly went to see a chiropractor. He did an adjustment on me using these S.O.T. blocks that I've never quite recovered from. One hip felt way higher than the other, and nobody could figure out how to get me back into a normal position. Worse, a subsequent adjustment left me with mind-numbing nerve pain. For over a year I couldn't even ride in a car.

The nerve pain subsided over the following year, but I remained very sensitive to minor alterations in my environment (carpet too soft, could only sit in a few select chairs, could not walk up steep inclines, and could not do elevators).

I was surviving, though, until developing TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction--spasms in the jaw and neck muscles) after getting a crown put in at the dentist in December 2004. My efforts to get that fixed have been largely fruitless. I continue to have severe muscle spasms throughout my back and neck, my jaw hurts continually, and I'm as hypersensitive as ever. Almost any physical therapy route I pursue creates more pain than I can handle.

I’ve seen several top neurologists, one of them a fybromyalgia specialist, but neither was able to come up with an explanation, except to say that my symptoms put me in the broad category of myofascial pain syndrome, which is basically an umbrella term for patients experiencing muscle pain without any determined cause.

Anyway, one possibility I've wondered about is whether some or all of the hypersensitivity of my nervous system, and perhaps even some of my muscle spasms, may be related to my use of zoloft over the last seven years. Reading Harvard Medical School Joseph Glenmullen's "Prozac Backlash" last year, which details all kinds of unusual side effects of SSRI's, made me wonder even more. Most of the reactions he discusses, however, take place fairly soon after starting SSRI’s. In my case it would be a long term issue.

Of course, coming off zoloft in the middle of everything else I’m going through right now puts me in danger of slipping into a clinical depression, which is the last thing in the world I need on top of everything else. I’m willing to take the risk if need be, but I’d be much more encouraged to do so if I could be more sure that my symptoms were partly related to my seven-year use of Zoloft. By the way, I’m also on Neurontin and a muscle relaxer, Zanaflex.

Anyone out there experienced anything like the above?



Laila - March 8

I have much difficulty sitting in chairs that don't have padding or that have arms that are too close and touch my thighs. I have been assured that this is fibromyalgia pain. "Classic" is actually what my rheumatologist said. It feels like a big deep bruise on the whole outside of my thigh. My arms are the same way. My arms and legs hurt if I barely bump something or if someone gives me a pat. The seatbelt really pokes and hurts me. The other symptoms you described seem to fit perfectly into fibro symptoms as well. Search the web and find a cutting edge new book on fibro. This may give you all the answers you are needing.


JB - March 9

I also feel nauseau, sensitive to light, sounds, just don't feel comfortable in my own skin, chronic myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, foot pain, and suffer from chronic fatigue. Tried zoloft but wasn't on for long (caused me more anxiety). I also have dental work/crown. I feel like my nerves are shot and have been denied SS disability. I was on Prozac before and currently am trying the generic, Wellbutrin, zanex, muscle relaxers and something to help sleep through the night. I haven't had much luck and depression is there too. I keep searching for answers & trying new things. If Dr.'s could figure out a cause, then they could focus on a cure. Hopefully it will be soon enough to help us both. I just turned 42 and feel like I'm 90 most days. Good luck to you.



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