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Muscle Spasms
7 Replies
maleighamylove - October 6

Hi to all, my question is that I have severe muscle spasms in my hands, in my rib cage area, in my back, and also in my feet and legs.
Does anyone else have these, and what are you doing for them? Muscle relaxers do help, but still I have such bad ones, that I even jumped out of a moving truck while my husband was driving thank goodness he was trying to get stopped so that I could get out and we were not going very fast.
These hurt so bad.


Virg - October 6

Hi, haven't jumped out of a moving vehicle yet but yes I do get muscle spasms as of yet don't have anything I
do specificaley except rub it and try relax and let it pass.


TERESA - October 6

I also have spasms but not that bad! The worsed thing that I've had happen to me is, burning myself with a cup of coffee or the curling iron! When I am relaxing my legs twitch off & on. It is annoying & interfers with my sleep!


susan333 - November 11

A relative of mine suffers severe muscle spasms in his leg due to MS - so severe the toe curls backwards due to the spasm in his upper leg I massaged it for him and since then he has been gently massaging the area breifly each day and he has not had one since. If the spasms are restricted to one or two areas I would suggest massaging it each day by yourself or getting your partner to. It might help.


sl73 - November 12

Yes, I do have muscle spasms, mostly in my hands and the right side of my back . When I am getting a massage (something that I find helps most of the time) I often have to stand up to releive the spasm in my back. Recently, it has become so regular that I am thinking of giving up the massages. Anyway, I think it is the fibro as I have horrible restless legs if I don't take my hydrocodone (Norco) pill before I go to bed. The leg thing keeps me awake otherwise. I just saw on TV that there is a new medicine that has been approved for restless legs. Don't know anything else about it but I wonder if it will also help with spasm in other places. Hope you find relief soon - jumping out of a moving car is never a good thing!! It is so wonderful to have a place to write where others can assure us that we are not alone. Take care.


Wanda - November 13


So sorry your pain is so severe. I have been having really bad muscle spasms in my back under my left shoulder blade. I have a desk job so I'm sure that is part of it, but it has been bad the last couple of weeks. It begins at noon and doesn't stop until I go do bed. It also hurts if I stand up very long. Flexeril helps to knock the edge off.

Get better soon and God bless


shimmeez - November 16

hi, sorry you are having such pain. I get such severe spasms in my left rib cage that it bends me in half. The drs blamed it on my scoliosis and fibro. The muscle relaxers help, but I dont use them all the time. The spasms just happen when they feel like it, so I try to breathe deep and straighten up slowly. Hope this advice helps....I know they are scary. Good luck to you........Shimmeez


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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