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muscle cramps
8 Replies
cincin - August 27

Hi, I am new to this site and have read several threads and understand them all. This is a wonderful site with much more info available than when I was first diagnosed. The only thing I have not seen or read about was muscle cramping, either from exercise or just out of nowhere, mostly in my toes and lower legs.My toes really get into some really deformed shapes and I've had my ankle bend inward farther than I could do by hand and its extremly painful.does anyone else experience this? Thanks.


PEANUT - August 27

Hi. I have been getting these cramps in my feet for years now and a few months ago they started up in my neck and shoulders - very painful. With my feet I am usually able to position my toes in a manner that 'uncramps' my feet. With my neck I usually put an ice pack on it. Some like heat but for me ice is better. I don't know if this helps much, but I thought I would let you know that you are not alone. This FMS really does 'cramp' ones style. PS. I try to maintain my sense of humor as I believe that laughter is the best medicine! Hope you feel better


cincin - August 28

Thanks Peanut its great to know that I'm not alone with this. I usually pull my toes back towards my shin to release the cramps, but the ankle ones I can't touch at all,just swear alot until it ceases. I agree laughter is the best medicine. Waking up and finding something to smile about can be the biggest challenge of the day, it's alot of work but well worth it.


mypain - August 30

Eat a bananna every day or take like a charm


January - August 30

Magnesium helps too, but make sure you get a formulation that is more easily absorbed. The common brands you find, like Magnesium oxide are not well absorbed.

There are also transdermal magnesium patches you can buy that are absorbed through the skin. Haven't tried these, but some people say they help.

Or, there's always a muscle relaxer like Valium or Skelaxin or Flexaril. (Check the side effects and interactions first and see if you want to tolerate them.)


cincin - August 30

Thanks everyone for the input. I love bananas but every third/fourth one I eat gives me such stomach pains(unbelievable) that they can't be a steady diet. I've been on a natural supp. for about 1/2 year now called Fibro-M and it has helped tremendously.Cramping has been reduced dramatically, usually only happens now when I let my feet get too cold.I just didn't see or hear about this from others and was wondering if it was related at all.It's truly amazing how your body can contort itself into such horrific positions.Try and do it consciously.....HA


Painfulpam - March 22

Quinine is an inexpensive OTC med you can take for muscle cramps in the legs. you can find small bottles labelled "Leg Cramps" at Walmart or other pharmacies with supplemets. Drinkinf more fluids will also elp in many instances. if you have a pain spray you can also spray the area tp stop a cramp.

If you have a lot of bodywide spasms you might need to consider skelaxin or another muscle relaxant.


bluesbrrd - April 11

I've been taking flexeril for probably 15 years now, but the cramping in my legs and feet don't seem to respond to anything! I was very inactive last year, and I think that tightens and shortens your calf muscles. I also don't move enough during the day, and probably hold my body in tight positions that make it worse. I am trying to do more walking in hopes of loosening them up by using the muscles more, but it seems to be getting worse before it gets better. My body just doesn't sseem to work unless I get a massage at least every other week - nothing else seems to work!


GlennFoster - March 18

There are many factors of having cramps. Sometimes tight, inflexible and unconditioned muscles may be level to have cramps or stress can be factors that cause muscle tension. In research, it has been proven that having a warm bath in walk-in bathtubs at the end of the long day is one of the best methods for reducing stress and offering good sleep. Last month my brother was also having leg cramps as a doctor has suggested having a warm water bath by installing a walk in tub in Spokane (, because this bathtub had a feature of hydrotherapy jets that helps to reduce stress and joint pain, and can decrease swelling and inflammation and helps to increase the circulation of the body.



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