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Multi Chemical Sensitivity.
6 Replies
Mary T, - August 19

Does any one else suffer MCS with their FM.


Doretta - July 24

Yes. I had the MCS long before I was hurting all over and diagnosed with FMS.


Stephanie - July 31

Yes/ I have not been able to use a lot of cosmetics, can not tolerate mint and menthol- including that in most dental products, react to fabric conditioners and can not tolerate my husband using dentyl (a mouthwash. I also react to many cleaning products, especially those that deal with limescale.


Mary T. - August 12

Thank you Doretta and Stephanie, I thought that I was the odd person out as I have developed serious reactions to certain food dyes, some medicines, cosmetics, cleaning products and even my husbands aftershave. Once again thank you both.


Joni - August 14

What happens when you have this sensitivity? Is is like allergy, asthma or nausea symptoms?


Mary T. - August 14

Joni. The symptoms are varied with different products. With food dyes especially those in the pink range (120"s) I have had a severe anaphylatic reaction. This causes a sudden drop in blood pressure and collapse. I have to carry an epe-pen with me where ever go. With some of the drugs which include Penicillin, morphine, bactrim, cephalsporins, erythromysin, I can get a mild to sever rash or a hot burning and raising of the skin. With anaesethics I react by severe vomiting. I am an asthmetic and this is effected by cosmetics, perfumes and a lot of household cleaning products.
This reaction can be severe. Hope this answers your question. Mary T.


Doretta - August 19

I have different reactions to various products. Some mild, some severe. My mouth will get dry with a burning and tingling sensation and feels like my throat is swelling. Instant headache when exposed to perfumes and scented candles with a general feeling of weekness and nausia. I but everything unscented.



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