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Canada17 - December 16

I had a Christmas gift exchange at work yesterday and we ordered in lunch.

I have been very good at sticking to my elimination diet but "cheated" because I wanted to join everyone.

However, I did not know my entire meal was saturated with MSG until after I ate it. (I know to stay away from MSG but I don't always have a list of ingredients before I eat) I immediately started to feel ill once I finished my meal. I felt like I had the flu! Headache, sore throat, a little nauseous, bad heart burn, fatigue, all over aches and pains.

I got home from work and fell asleep while my daughter was eating dinner only to have her yell at me to wake up (she's two and a half)! I put her to bed a couple hours later after some quite reading and playing with her. Then I went to sleep again, at 8pm! I slept until my husband called me to pick up from work and went to bed when we got home at 10:30pm. I slept unsoundly (as usual) until my alarm went off this morning and I still felt so tired.

Today I feel better but I still have a sore throat and body aches.

Be warned! MSG + FM = misery!


chucksusanandgrace - December 16

I totally agree 100%. MSG, especially if I eat it in boullion on an empty stomach brings on such numbness throughout my body and even causes difficulty breathing in me.

I hope you feel better now. MSG really is terrible...


axxie - December 18

Oh I feel for you, it happened to me too many times before. Now that I know, I hardly eat out, and when I do, I usually stick to water to drink, salads and bread. I'm usually safe with that. Kind of humdrum for a meal, but like I said, I only go out when I absolutely have to. Otherwise I eat at home and I make pretty much everything and can eat good nutrional meals.

Good luck to you, and you give a big hug to that little girl of yours, she doesn't understand, and is allowed to be a normal young lady with a mommy present for her.



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