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mb - October 19

does anyone with fms diagnosis think that they still might have ms? I had a brain scan and a upper cervical spine scan but I am still having symptoms and my dr. could really offer nothing but pain medicine. I noticed that alot of people on this site were tested for ms. I am afraid that it could be in another part of my spine. I was very sick for 10 wks back in may and many of them seem to be starting again. Please tell me if you had sprinal mri's too and do you have any eye problems. My eyes see so sensitive to lights, even when I go to slep I feel as though I still see (very hard to explain) but circling lists in my eyes. I have alot of floaters also. The neur thinks its not ms but I am still very worried. Alot of my symptoms seem like fms too. I have alot of stiffness, twithcing, shooting pains. Burning feet and hand and eye problem. There have been other things but they seem to have gone away now. They seem to come and go. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.


Jean - October 18

Hi MB. I've been diagnosed 4 years. This is frightening isn't it. To make a long story short Fibromyalgia runs parallel to MS. They each have the same common symptoms however each person is not alike in their sypmtoms. Now to ease your mind just a bitI asked my Neurologist how he defines the symptoms being one and not the other. His answer was,"Fibromyalgia continues to heal, you do not lose use where as Multiple Slerosis does not heal and you lose function. This helped me although it is still in the back of my mind. You have to realize that diagnosisng these conditions can take a long time and since we are scared of the worst one being MS we want it ruled out quickly. I'm hear to tell you that will not happen it takes time for test results to finally show up. for example, I was having right eye problems in 2001 with blurring and unbalnced feeling due to the vision problems. This went on and on for two years 2003 until finally it showed up on an eye exam and now I'm in prism prescription glasses so now I can read. Yes it took time but the questions and insecurities will not leave but you can't let it run your life just keep going forward and one day you will find the answer. I wish I could give you a better answer but this is all I have to give right now. Hope this makes you feel alittle better.


MB - October 18

Thank you so much for responding. It does make me feel better. Did you have the brain scans and other tests? I am always feeling like I should get a second opinion. I hope to talk to you more and any other who are still worried with a nagging feeling in the back of their minds. Thank you!


[email protected] - October 19

Hi MB. Yes in the beginning I had many tests to rule out sjourne's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis. Had MRI's of the neck, back and x-rays of the chest and had hypersensitivity to medications for hypertension which came along with this syndrome. Had brain MRI to rule out MS and all tests came back OK. I'm still in the OK right now and my doctors still have not ruled out the possibility of MS. I'm thinking we may have to take additional tests and this gets expensive. I do have insurance but I haven't lost any function yet so I determine MS is not a possibility in my eyes at this time. Its just an over-bearing condition that changes ones life. I've been to about 10 doctors so second, third, forth or more opinions are good. Keeps everyone on the same page. Then you can fall back some what. E-mail if you want someone to talk to in more detail, it's ok. Hope I gave you a little more light at the end of the tunnel.



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