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moving hands Fibro??
7 Replies
belle1329 - November 12

I think I have another symptom, I did not realize it but my husband did. He said everytime Im standing still or sitting my fingers move alot he says I look like I have parkinsons or something?? is this a symptom of fibro? Thanks
I was also looking on here to see if anyone had the same problem, and noticed that some people seem to sneeze alot and then have flareups I seem to have that symptom also, I guess it could be a combo of allergies and flare ups, just wondering if anyone else experiences these symptoms still.


Canada17 - November 12

I have "environmental asthma" which causes me all kinds of problems, especially in the colder months when everything is all closed up.

I sneeze pretty much all the time and I don't know if it is the irritant that causes me to sneeze that also makes me pain worse or the force of me sneezing all the time that causes the flare ups. It's a good correlation though.

As for the moving hands...I just fidget all the time. I am always moving my hands or feet or legs. Drives my husband crazy! I know that part is hereditary, my dad does it and my daughter (who is almost three) does it as well.


belle1329 - November 12

Did you always move your hands? I did not , this has just started my husband said I have been doing it alot lately. We have been married 32yrs :-)


Canada17 - November 12

ah yes, I have always fidgeted, but then again it is believed that I have always had FM too, even when I was a child.


Jaynie774 - November 13

I noticed my hands tremble a lot now too. I look like I am on a w/d of some type of drug. I know what you are meaning. It is not all the time, but it seems when I am trying to go into relax mode and my hands twitch or something...

I sneeze all the time. My Rhuemy told me it is because as a FMS patient my Central nervous system is very sensitive and any enviromental dust or scent is going to trigger those nerve endings in my nostrils to reaspond whith a simple sneeze. At first I thought I was getting a cold, well day after day It was happening and that is when I chalked it up to yet another characteristic of this "alien" that has invaded my 35 year old body ;)

It is nice to know I have all of you to share this with... Take Care and Keep your head up.


Canada17 - November 13

I think it is important for all of us to discuss the things that happen to us. While fibromyalgia is not a new disease, it has only recently gained recognition.

There are still so many things that our doctors and specialists just don't understand about it.

There are still so many things that I just don't understand about why my body does some of the things it does but the more we talk about it and get it out there, the better it will be for everyone. : )


lorieholtz - November 13

my hands and really my whole body goes thru what i call twitches. somedays are worse than other. i can lay in bed and seriously my whole body will do it. it will even wake me up out of a sleep. my bf of 7yrs says to me that it wakes him up that the whold bed moves when it happens. at first i wondered what in the world was going on, but i believe now from being on this site that it is from my fms. i've said things to my drs over the yrs about this, but always ignored and never given an answer to this. its a very unvoluntary reaction and it always surprises me when it occurs. can be troublesome when ur trying to type lol.. this sneezing thing is interested cux i started doing that bout 10mo ago..kept thinkin i was getting a cold, but here again i find its just another symptom. god bless this site for all the info it gives to me.


belle1329 - November 13

Thanks for the info Jaynie from your Rhuemy , that makes sense.
Thanks Ladies its good to know, we are not alone:)



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