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Mother of All Flare Ups
11 Replies
JJ1 - January 3

Today and yesterday I have been going through what I can only call the mother of all flare ups. Normally, my fibro symptoms are related to memory problems, fibrofog and fatigue, with just some mild occasional joint pain. On Monday night I had trouble sleeping and when I woke up Tuesday (my 25th wedding anniversary, btw) I was in excruciating pain in my lower back that radiated around to my lower abdomen/pelvic area. I did not go into work, took an advil and went back to sleep. when I woke up i was a little better, but still in pain. I slept with a hot pad last night and woke up this morning in excruciating pain again, so bad it was making me naseous and dizzy. I made myself get up cuz I had to try to go to work today. I have taken Mobic for pain and sat with a heating pad. I am a little bit better and will try to get to work now, but still it is pretty bad. Maybe it is the holiday stress catching up with me. I also quit taking Nexium a few days ago and the night I had trouble sleeping was mostly due to heartburn. I started taking the nexium again yesterday in case that was causing my problems.


Jeannie3 - January 3

Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary!!!! Sorry to hear about your flare JJ1, I read in your other post that you weren't sure you had FMS or Thyroid problems. I was and am the same regarding the extreme pain. I was able to set up and have Christmas with only 2 cases of pain flares,just after Christmas and after New Years day. Also if I don't take my heartburn meds I'm in a bad way. I've really checked with my doctor about this thyroid issue but he states its all ok. It is confusing isn't it. I hope you'll be feeling less pain soon. Take Care.


BRENDA - January 3

I've been experencing simular symptoms for the last two days! I think mine maybe a bladder infection! I'm going to try & get in to the doctor today. Are you also sweating a lot? I have been! I don't know if I am running a temp or not, but last night I was SO SICK! I hope YOU are doing better today!


JJ1 - January 3

No, not sweating at all. I really feel more chills than sweats. It is mostly in my lower back but sort of radiates around to the front. I have never had a bladder infection, so not sure how that feels. This sort of feels more inside of my than in my muscles. Hard to describe really. I have come home from work and am working from home this afternoon just so I can manage the pain a little better.


kerrythecarebear - January 3

Hi JJ1, so sorry to hear your not so good. congrats on 25 years!!! Your question of how a bladder infection can feel, it burns when you pee (nicest way of putting it!) and you ache around the pubic area normally afterwards. It mght pay you to increase fluid intake (mainly water) for a couple of days, see if that helps any. Also with a bladder infection, you tend to pee more frequently.....hope this helps you


JJ1 - January 4

It sounds like a bladder infection feels like a urinary tract infection (which I have had before). I guess that is not the problem now. Just very sudden and very excruciating back pain radiating forward. I drink tons of water, so OK there (I think I am anemic again and it makes me crave ice -- weird symptom of anemia called pica). As for the 25th anniversary -- we just went to dinner with kids last night, but have a cruise planned for just the two of us at the end of the month -- hoping I will be all better by then.


JJ1 - January 4

Yesterday I would rate my pain on the famous 1 - 10 scale as hovering between 7 to 9 all day. Today I am down to below 5. Doing much much better. I used heating pads when I could and am taking Mobic for the pain -- the Mobic really doesn't seem to be a lot of help -- at least it seemed pretty worthless yesterday.


Lyle Anderson - January 4

I thought by 'flare-ups' they just meant something that lasted for maybe a day or two. Meanwhile, I thought I was getting old and disintegrating. I just couldn't seem to have a good day. Used to be, I could take a Vicoprofen and smile and feel great. Not any more. Then all of a sudden, I was functional again! I was still on all of the meds, but I could move and get out of bed, maybe do the dishes. Then I realized that I was coming out of a 'flare-up' that had lasted almost two years! That's some flare-up! The good news is that is was possible to feel better. So I offer this as possible good news to everybody out there---maybe you're just in the middle of a very long 'flare-up' and it will get better!


JJ1 - January 14

Yea! I think all the symptoms of my New Years flare up are gone! It started in my back and turned into a horrible case of IBS then flu-like symptoms and today I have to admit I feel pretty "normal". Normal being relative, of course -- still fatigued. Still in a fibro fog much of the time. But I am siked about going on my anniversary cruise next week. Hope everyone else is over their holiday stress as well!


JJ1 - January 14

Can't we all just talk about fibromyalgia? I do enjoy this site --- in between the drama.


jane doe - January 15

JJ1, Congratulations on 25 years!!! That's awesome and almost rare these days. I'm glad you are feeling better in time to enjoy your cruise. I read not too long ago that a full moon can cause flares for people with fibro, as well as other diseases like arthritis etc. The last full moon was Jan. 3, about the time of your flare. The next one will be Feb. 2. Maybe you can see if there's a pattern there. I know I was feeling kind of worse then myself, and am going to see if there's something to this for me as well.


JJ1 - January 15

Thanks jane. We should be back from our cruise before the next full moon, lol.



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