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Morning Stiffness and Pain
5 Replies
Connie P. - June 15

I have been diagnosed with FMS for the past 6 years now. I have incredible morning stiffness and pain but have little pain the rest of the day. My morning symptoms use to be very minor and would be almost gone by the time I walk from the bed to the bathroom. I have noticed that over time this pain has become more severe in intensity and length. I sometimes actually feel like I will fall over when I first get out of bed and have to sort of side-step downstairs until I can handle flexing the joints more. It eventually eases up and is not a problem, but it can take 30 minutes or more before I can walk normally now.

Anyone else have this? Any solutions? I try flexing and exercising my feet before stepping out of bed, but it really doesn't help much. I am afraid I will soon need a walker just to get out of bed and start moving around. I have taken mobic for pain and it helps some, but unless I set my alarm to take it then go back to sleep, it doesn't resolve this first thing in the morning problem.


JJ - June 1

I have morning stiffness also, but like everything else with my FMS it is related to stress. This morning I awoke to almost no morning stiffness in pain when other mornings it can be debilitating. I seem to have less pain if I do some exercise right before going to bed at night (like a brisk walk with the dog).


Jerri - June 15

I take a Mobic before bed so I'm not as stiff. If I didn't I don't think I could get up. Mobic also helps with cramps from a period if you have them.


Jessie - June 15

Morning's are most often the worst part of my day too. I used to take Mobic, but I'm getting more relief now from prescription ibuprofen taken 3 times a day. I got a foam mattress pad and that's helped me quite a bit. Through the cold weather seasons, I've been using a heated mattress pad also and that really helps to keep me relaxed through the night and I don't seem to have as severe stiffness in the morning. Unfortunately, though, I can really identify with the walker statement you made. I can barely move and I don't trust my own body to stay upright. Here's to better mornings!


pain1 - June 15

connie p Ihave the same problem even though I Have NOt Been diagnoise yet I have to role out of bed in the mornings and my hands and fingers and feet back etc is so stiff and painful it is so hard for me to function I feel so tired all the time and hurt so bad it is hard to keep going , the pain is so hard to decribe its never eases I my hips and legs hurt so bad it is unbearable I just wished there was something that could really help


Terri - June 15

Connie, I also suffer the most in the mornings getting out of bed. The pain doesn't seem as bad on the weekends when I can sleep in and don't have to get up early to go to work. Jessie's suggestion to use a heated mattress pad is something I am going to try. I always notice more pain when I am cold. Ibuprofen has never worked for me I think because FMS is not due to inflammation. However, taking Tylenol PM before I go to bed and Ultracet has helped significantly.



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