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Morning Headaches
5 Replies
bmcgovern - December 6

It's not every morning but some mornings when i was up i just get a headache and i don't know if it's from how i am sleeping cause my neck always hurts or if it's from the FM. I try to find pillows that are pretty firm for support. Does anyone else gets headaches when they wake up and any advice on what to do to help prevent them?


Kiwigirl - December 6

Yes I get these morning headaches as well, I brought a memory foam pillow shaped for your neck, one edge is for laying on your back, the other for laying on your side. It cost quite a lot, but has been worth it. Still get the odd headache but nothing like before.
I hope you find something that helps you.


axxie - December 7

Yes, I get the headaches, also have that memory shape pillow, it helps. The headaches, my dear are just part of fibro acting up, telling you, you are in a flare. Sometimes, the flare can be just the headache, sometimes flares are more dramatic and hurt more. Drink plenty of water, wear a breath right tape around your nose and a gentle humidifier for the night helps. You will notice you do not need the humidifier everynight, just use when needed. Keep your room dark, and cool. Cover up if you are cold, the best sleep is when there is constant movement of air. I sleep with my window open a crack, even when it's minus freezing cold. You sleep better, you just need to get used to sleeping with your window open, especially if you live in a colder climate.


bmcgovern - December 7

Thanks for the advice.
I do have a memory foam pillow also but mine seems to go flat and its hard to get my neck comfortable. I sleep on my side alot to. I will have to try the breathe right tape. I try to drink as much water as i can doesn't that help flush toxins out to? Well thanks for the suggestions it helps getting advice from everyone here i really appreciate it.


Canada17 - December 7

I have realized that if I don't wake up before getting out of bed (meaning I just jump right up and get going) I have a headache.

So, I set my alarm early and then take a couple minutes to lay there, open my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and stretch. If I don't do that, I have a headache as soon as I stand up. The headache stays with me and I almost feel like my sinuses are plugged. If I can, I lay back down, unfortunately, there are days when that is not possible.

I have no idea why this is, but it is...


axxie - December 8

One question for you bmcgovern, do you take anything for sleep? That could be your quest for an answer. Or do you eat prior to sleep, or drink any caffein drinks. All those will give you problems.

A good thing to do when you wake up is stretch like Canada 17 it does all help.

You can take a shower put your shower pulsator to gentle like rain falling down and use mid-warm water, not steaming water, this can help.

If you sleep on your sleep, the best way to gain best position is to have a pillow for sleeping on the side, also, have a big puffy pillow to place between your knees and have another small pillow that you have at home and place in the small of your back. Allow yourself to breath deeply to slow down your breathing.

Usually headaches from sleep, is stress related and often from not breathing deeply enough, not enough oxygen. You may want to get checked for by a sleep study centre and find out if you have apnea. It's all related.

Another question for you is are you overweight, that could be the potential trigger also.

I know its hard to keep slim with fibro, I have that problem and I'm no where slim, but I try to take care how much calories I take in a day....

If you are up to it, before going to bed at least a few hours is to out and have yourself a stress free walk. That means, don't bring anyone if they are going to annoy you and walk slowly and breath deeply. This might help you

Good luck



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