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More prone to infection?
5 Replies
LDovey - January 4

Anyone think that they get more infections (yeast, colds, sore throats, etc.) due to the fight your body is in just to function with fibro? What vitamins and supplements does anyone take to stay otherwise "heathy"?


tnichel - January 4

I noticed even before being diagnosed that I tend to get bacterial infections and stomach viruses a lot in the winter. (I never go to the doc for them b/c they just say you have to wait it out) I haven't had a cold since h.s. and have never had the flu. I always describe it as "I don't get the normal stuff...just the weird things." As of right now I don't take any vitamins or supplements and plan on talking to my doctor about this.


JJ1 - January 4

I was getting sinus infections when I first started noticing fibromyalgia symptoms. I think this was related to not getting enough restful sleep. Once I started taking amytriptyline that helps me get into the deep phases of sleep, I have not had a problem with the sinus infections.


pmartin - January 6

I try to stay away from people that are sick. However, when I do get sick I find that it is longer and harder for me to kick it than my husband or son.


tnichel - January 6

JJ1...I was beginning to question if I really had allergies. At the beginning of 2007 I kept get one sinus infection after another. That, the pain and not sleeping, I was finally diagnosed with fibro and put on amy. I haven't any problems with my sinuses since then. may be on to something. Now I'm question the year I spent getting allergy shots that cost me $200 dollars a month.


JJ1 - January 7

Sometimes I don't know if I am getting sick or if it is a fibromyalgia flare up. I thought I had recovered from my post-holiday flare-up, but now feeling like I have been hit by a truck again. Wondering if it is really the flu this time. So far no cold-like symptoms, just the achey all over the body and wanting to take an all day nap sort of symptoms. I can say that my sleep patterns lately haven't been the best (thanks to wayward teen daughters that I must stay up late for or wake up in the middle of the night to check on).



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