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Mood swings
4 Replies
MsFibro - March 13

Does anyone else suffer from mood swings and depression? How often do you experience mood swings? Does anyone else experience crying spells? How do you cope with these things?


nikita3 - March 14

I experience crying spells probably once every week to once every fortnight, but I consistently have depression which I think is due more to my social anxiety than my fibromyalgia. I am too scared to talk to most people, even my partner a lot of the time, but I feel so lonely as a consequence. Luckily I do have my dog to talk to who is always more than happy to just be there and listen!

If I am home alone around the time I have a crying spell, then I will let myself cry or get out some sad songs and have a crying session. Then I am able to carry on with what I have to do and I feel a whole lot better. If I'm not able to do that, then I try to get by without anyone noticing my watery eyes and wait for the next opportunity when I am on my own.

For the depression I take fish oil every day. I heard that it can have the same clinical effect as taking antidepressants, but without the side effects. It would be interesting to hear how others cope with these experiences.


MsFibro - March 15

I have crying spells at least once a week and they come on without warning and are uncontrollable sometimes. They are often brought on by the sense of worthlessness, depression and a sense of being closed in. I get frustrated a lot because even though my loved ones say they understand, they don't. Sometimes i feel like i am in a loosing race and it's crazy how doctors tell us this disease is not going to get worse, but a lot of US, (including me), are experiencing our pain getting worse, depression is progressing and bouts of mood swings at least four days a week. One minute you are just as happy and content as can be and the next minute you find yourself angry, depressed and or crying. I get my therapy by researching and knowing i can read other people's stories and know that i am not the only person going through this, but i wish i could find a physical support group in Nashville, TN that myself, my family and friends could be involved with. I start my counseling sessions next week for depression so i am looking forward to that.


SassieLassie - April 15

I have them daily, don't know if it is fibro related or just plain depression due to homesickness, all I know is I should have stock in the kleenex company, cry cry cry. I could write a book of all my problems, LOL.


kvc33 - April 16

Although I understand all these posts, reading them makes me sad and concerned for all of you. I cry as a detox symptom. I cry a bit at PMS time when my body is getting ready for a cleanse. Also the full moon gets me the same way. I recently started crying more along with a lot of other new symptoms and it turned out that I had become addicted to clonazepam and my body was craving a higher dose. I am now in withdrawal and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through but I will soon be off these drugs permanently and it will all be worth it. Please work on your depression all of you.



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