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Vicki Regenhard - September 13

I have been on Monavie for one month now. After one week, I had no symptoms of pain from fibro, lupus or arthritis. I continue to take it. The secret in this juice is the acai berry and the process of freeze drying the berry. There are a lot of products with the acai berry but it's a total waste of time. Monavie discovered the secret of the freeze drying process.
A little bit about me. I was first diagnosed with (in order) hypothyroid, then lupus, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, fibro, degenerative disk disease, RSD,
and lastly IBS. I was getting injections in my lower back that didn't work. I did traction for my neck which did nothing.
I was introduced to Monavie which I reluctantly took. OMG! My body is healed from everything. I have been tested for my thyroid, lupus, arthritis and fibro. Gone! I have so much energy I don't know what to do with myself.
I'm not here to sell you this Monavie, just to let you know I am relieved of most of what damaged my body. It will continue to work on the other problems. It just takes time. It's not instant. This juice also helps you lose weight and brings your youthful skin back to life. I', 60 and waiting for the youthful look to my skin to come back after so many years of pain showing up on my face.
I honestly urge anyone to try this and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Fibro Hugs,


skidoo - September 14

monavie is a multi-level marketing scheme (read pyramid scheme). It,s sold under the premise of getting more peopel to sell it under you so evenutually you have multiple tiers of sellars, all profits coming up to you. It costs up $20 - $40 a bottle. It is high in antioxidants, but you can get juices and fruit right off your store shelf high in antioxidants without having to contribute to someone elses get rich quick scam, uh, I mean scheme. Have some fresh blueberries on your cereal instead. It is cheaper and actually tastes good!!!


Vicki Regenhard - September 15

I'm not on the juice to make money. I'm a guinea pig for my brother. He is supplying me with all my juice. I have read about the fruit in the juice and these fruits aren't from the US. Since I'm not paying for anything and drinking it seems to work for me, I have nothing to lose. I feel great with no pain. And, this fruit juice tastes very good. It's chocolaty and fruity tasting.


JJ1 - September 15

I am skeptical of such claims also, but this seems to be a pretty balanced report - at
Is MonaVie A Scam?
“Many of the various fruites and berries in MonaVie have been used for centuries to combat inflammation-related conditions and today there's mounting evidence that those ancient healers were right. A number of studies looking at blueberries, raspberries and other fruits suggest that these foods may have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Does this make MonaVie a "cure all"? Certainly not. Does it make MonaVie better than competing fruit juice blends? Probably not but some of the research on MonaVie's various components is compelling, to say the least.”


skidoo - September 16

You are correct JJ1 in that this company does not seem to be as devious as those distributing glyconutrients, but it is stil a company that is focused more on selling multi level marketing rather than the product itself. You can buy other juices for a fraction of the cost that provide the same health benefit and with a more natrual juice taste. I have not heard about the chocolately taste of monavie before but the thought of a chocolately juice does not entice me whatsoever, and if it did it would not be worth $40 a bottle to me. I will stick with blueberries, thank you.


JJ1 - September 16

Check this out. Acai is one of the berries in Monavie. Don't know about FMS, but sounds like the high antioxidant content of this berry may help fight cancer.


JJ1 - September 24

I found Acai juice in the Health Food section of my local grocers. It is called Acai Juice but that is actually a blend of juices and Acai is the second juice listed on the ingredients (apple is first). I didn't buy it, but I think the size was a quart, may have been larger and it was $6.99. I may pick it up next trip and give it a try. This may be a less expensive alternative to Monavie.



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