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mineral imput
2 Replies
[email protected] - February 14

dont neglate those important little minerals, magnesuim is very low in fibromialgia suffers a diffitcult mineral to take as a tablet ,iv found it best to add it through the skin in a magnesuim bath soak by adding crystals or by a lotion that can be massged in ,[check out ebay]for products.

also you can add coconut to your diet high in good medium chain fats and full of minerals including magnesium dont listen to people who say its fattening because, it fills you up quick and keeps you satisfied for longer and your cravings for choclate drops right of and if you suffer from ibs symptons then coconut will slow down the frequency in most people
,i changed from cows milk to coconut milk now i can eat cearel ,i also use virgin coconut oil to fry and bake and coconut palm sugar instead of white processed sugar or even worse artificial sweetner .please try it does help .

it wont happen over night a few months you will start to fill better , also i found argan oil capsuals in the uk i dont know about the USA but they are really good do an internet search .

they really help your mood and digestion, iv ate a small amount of nuts for the first time in yrs with out pain and reflux. so good luck its a miseruable condition because it cant be seen and you get such stupid people who say such stupid things, and even some stupid doctors .

you know in the UK the doctors do one half day in there training in minerals says it all really. best alternative treatments iv used are reflexolgy ,and acupuntrue. tina.


January - February 14

Hi tina, I enjoyed your post. Thinking about Magnesium lately. As usual, there's conflicting and complicated information. (You can't believe everything you read on the internet - or in some books!)

Mg can help fibro. But too much is as bad as too little, and affects many body systems, including heart and kidneys. It interacts with other minerals, and vitamins, so you need to make sure you keep all these things in balance or you could have trouble. You have to adjust everything to your own body and its condition. So many diseases (and substances) affect mineral balances. So ask your dr. (and hope he knows something!) LOL! A registered dietitian might know more! If you're going to supplement with Mg start with low doses and research it!

(I always put these cautions in, as you never know! I once told someone about a protocol using a B vitamin, including the dosage. They went off and ate a whole bottle! And got very sick!) : (

Anyway, Tina, I really like your approach with eating Mg rich foods (anything green is good too!) and soaking in salts. But what is the lotion you are using with magnesium and can you get this in regular stores?

and PS. All you chocoholics out there -- that could be a symptom of low magnesium!

All the best to you.


OnaJourney - February 15

For those of you in Canada, I have used a Magnesium Gel made by Natural Calm Canada, which was purchased in a health food store. Found it to have a calming effect on the muscles.

Also regarding coconut, there is a product Udo's Oil (see website), which includes a balance of flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame seed, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, rice germ and bran oil. The product can be added to salad dressings, and other food, but not to be used for cooking.



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