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migraine 101
6 Replies
bbass - February 16

Horrible headache today. I thought it was a sinus headache, barely able to make to the doctor. When I did, he told me it's a migraine. Now, I have to lie very still...I don't want to have migraines. What can I do for the pain?


Noca - February 16

Take 2 Advil liquid gels, they take care of my migraines.


Noca - February 16

Oh and ask your doctor about Topamax to prevent migraines if you get them frequently.


solanadelfina - February 16

I've been using ibuprofen but am open to trying other meds. Ice also helps, if you take an ice pack and wrap it in a towel and plop it where it's hurting. If I'm at home, I'll retreat in my room and shut the door and turn off the lights until it dies down.


iliveinpain - February 16

Extra stength bayer aspirin and a cold pack on the back of my head and neck, temples forehead and lie down quietly for awhile in a dark room to rest. My husband gets horrible migraines that totally dibilitate him. What helps is if he smokes pot, which is too bad, since it's illegal in alot of places, but he's tried imitrex and it just made him feel out of it, but still in pain. Pot is the only thing that helps him. I wish it would work for me, but I think I'm allergic to it. Last time I tried it I wound up in the e.r. I think it has a bad reaction to alot of our other medications we're on for our fibro. My doctor thinks it interacted with my xanax. Good luck!


lucky13 - February 16

For my tough headaches and occasional migrains I like excediran migrain, it is a combo of asprin, tylenol and caffine. It works well for me. I used to use advil migrain but it stopped helping after a while.
Also laying in a quiet dark room works great with a cool compress on your eyes/head or even back of neck.
You have to find what works for you, the Drs perscribed something for mine years ago, but found the over the counter stuff to be just as effetive with less side effects.
Good luck.


Canada17 - February 16

I take one Advil Migraine Liquid Gel and lay down in a cool, dark room for about 30 - 45 minutes while it takes effect.

You may also want to research migraine triggers, there are a lot of foods that can set it off as well as medications. Avoiding those triggers as much as possible can help prevent and lessen the effects of the migraines you get.



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