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Mental Illnes with Fibromyalgia
3 Replies
amandaknits - March 3

I am bipolar and was recently diagnosed with FMS. Does anyone else have a problem with mental illness as well. It makes treating my depression a real problem... and since I was just diagnosed, I feel completely hopeless. I would like to know how all of you cope. Please help...


Amyloo - March 4

Hi Amanda, This is my situation too. They are both central nervous system disterbances/disorders, and can go hand in hand. Try not to feel hopeless, I know that is easier said than done. Do you have a good psychiatrist that is helping with the bipolar? Some of the meds I was prescribed for bipolar are the exact things my rheumatologist would have given me for the fibro. God bless you, I know how hard both of these diseases are. Amy


amandaknits - March 4

Thanks for posting, I really appreciate it. I'm trying to stay positive... but it's only until recently that I've even been able to get out of bed (undiagnosed). My psychiatrist just prescribed Remeron. Not happy that I'm hungry all the time, but it helps with sleep. And,yes, my neurologist and psychiatrist are working together to help me. God Bless you too Amy... Maybe we can keep in touch? my email is [email protected]


Amyloo - March 4

Hi Amanda, I know the feeling of not being able to get out of bed, whether it is from pain, depression or fatigue. The thing that helps me through (besides rock solid faith) is knowing that things change day to day. I may be in bed one day but the next I may not. So when I am up I am thankful, but also know it may change. And when I am in bed I also know that this will change as well. It's hard to plan any kind of life that way, but "it is what it is". I am glad you have good doctors; they are KEY. It took me two years to get my bipolar meds just right, so keep in mind there are lots of options/med combinations for you as well. Love to you, Amy



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