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Menopause or Fibro hot flashes?
4 Replies
iliveinpain - July 17

Ok, so I'm going to be 55 in a few weeks. I was diagnosed with fibro in my late 40's. When I turned 50 it was like, bam, hot flashes all the time. So, I'm going on 5 years of hot flash hell now that I've been dealing with. I've always been pretty sure it's menopause, as I'm the right age, but lately I've been reading about fibro and flashes too. I think I've even read something like that on this board!! Anyway, if I can hear back from a younger woman or a man, and let me know if they get flashes too. EGAD! I would hate to think it's fibro related, cause then it's NEVER going to stop!! At least I'll get thru menopause, eventually!! I feel like a dork even asking, but, who knows? It seems like every time I have a new symptom with this fibro. It's just so much fun....NOT!!!!


chaplin - July 17

I am 35 and I get hot flashes too. I thought it was because of my thyroid levels and used to laugh and say at least I'll know what to expect when I go through menopause. My thyroid levels are now low - after treatment and I still get the hot flashes. I thought perhaps it was medication related. I actually did not mention it to my dr. because it seems as though every time I see him I have a new problem. I am curious to hear if this is a common problem with FM.


belle1329 - July 17

I too experienced hotflashes, mostly at night. I am 52 Im thru menopause. I had them the past year and a half, they seem to have stopped since the better weather ?? I too was told it was from the Fibro and wondered if it was meno.??/ I never know whats what anymore;-(
You are not alone :-) I know that was not helpful, but sometimes again its good to know your not alone.


iliveinpain - July 17

Hey Chaplin, thanks so much for answering. 35 is young to be having hot flashes, hmmmmmm.... unless you're starting really young?? I'm very curious too to hear about if others are experiencing the hot flashes. I'm seeing a new gyne next saturday and she specializes in menopausal symptoms. I'll let you know what she says about this :)


iliveinpain - July 17

belle1329 thanks for responding. I'm seeing my gyne next saturday and I'll ask her about this. At 52 are you sure you're done, lucky you if you are :) But it sounds like you have stopped flashing anyway, so maybe it's still menopause with me. God does it ever end?????? I have fans all over my house and the air conditioning going 24-7. I dress like its summer even all winter and everyone at work is walking around with sweaters and I have a fan blowing on me at my desk - LOL It's especially fun having fibro at this age and being a woman going thru a bad menopause. hahahaha Oh well, I love talking talking to you all, it keeps me SANE!!! Thanks!!!!! :)



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