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Menopause and FMS
9 Replies
JJ1 - September 23

Have any of you with FMS gone through menopause? I have been suspicious that I may be going through it and am now pretty sure. I have greatly increased fibrofog symptoms and I have read that menopause can cause short term memory loss. It is so embarrassing how I forget people's names, sometimes people I know very well. Do some of the FMS symptoms lessen when you no longer have the hormonal fluctuations that happen with your monthly periods?


BrandyO - September 23

Hi JJ1
I am going through the change and have noticed a definite upswing in my fibro symptoms. Especially cognitive problems and memory loss. So much so that on Oct 3rd I am having neuropsychological test done. These test will let my doctor know if these problems are due to depression, dementia, MS or a number of other things that can cause these things. I am not looking forward to these test. They last 5-6 hours and can be very exhausting. But if it gets to the bottom of my issues with this I guess I need to just do it. It is actually my neurologist who is sending me. She is the only doctor I have ever had that I feel really listens to me. I have seen two Rheumatologist for the fibro that I wouldn't give you two cents for. No compassion at all. My Neurologist specializes in MS. Altho I pray that MS is not my problem, I love this doctor. I wish they could all be like her. Good luck to you. Brandy


honora2929 - September 23

Most doctors dont seem to care and as my lovely husband said to ours,how would you feel if it was your wife,would you stand by and do nothing.Fibro has a lot of same symptoms to ms so try not to worry .Love Honora.


JJ1 - September 23

I probably should be seeing a neurologist, too. With going through the change, I have had my period constantly for the last few months, sometimes with EXTREMELY heavy flow. I have previously suffered from anemia and I fear I may be lowering my iron again due to how heavy the bleeding is. At the beginning of the year I had no iron in my blood and had to get iron intravenously. Not looking forward to that again.


JJ1 - September 23

Forgot to say that one of the symptoms of anemia is impaired cognitive abilities: same as FMS, same as menopause. So I am getting a triple-whammy.


BrandyO - September 23

JJ1, sorry to hear you are being hit so hard. I have never been anemic. My periods are becoming further apart and not nearly as heavy. I have had them as long as I have had the fibro so I don't mind seeing them go. But if I could trade I would deal with my monthly any day rather than this dreadful FMS. Gentle hugs to you all. Brandy


TERESA - September 24

I started having irregular periods abuot two years ago. That was when I also noticed I was having FM symptoms (I didn't know about FM then) & almost a year I stopped having peroids altogether. I'm only 46 & I was diagnosised with FMS & lupus about 4 months ago. Iv'e often wondered if there was a connection. My symptoms have become a lot worse in the last year.


Virg - September 24

Hi JJ1, I went into immediate menopause after the last part completing my full hysterectomy was done and all triggers blew up . I've had
FMS since I was young and symptoms
were increasing but nothing like when
I went into menapause.


JJ1 - September 25

virg - Thanks. If I can just get back to my "normal" FMS symptoms and not the "enhanced" symptoms I am experiencing through menopause, I will be much happier. I think all my coworkers think I am losing it, my memory has become so bad!


Virg - September 25

Oh JJ1 just smile and shake your head
as my family does when I put bread in
the broom closet. (example) or ask
whose this when they call. I don't think
its all menopause but a lot to do with
fibrofog. Our mind either is in pain or we're trying to accomplish things quickly
or you never know , hopefully some day
we'll have some answers. LOL



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