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Men and FMS
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jeffH - May 3

My doctor refuses to call my symptoms FMS. I've had CT scans, MRI's, blood tests and numerous other dianostic tests. My Neurologist does not see the need for an EMG or Nerve Conduction Study. My muscles ache on a regular basis (but the pain is not unbearable - more of an annoyance), my muscles feel like they are completely contracted in the mornings and they have been twitching like crazy except for the last couple of days where they have, thank God, settled down quite a bit. I have a dull pain that seems to travel all over my body and will land in different spots on different days. It seems that the aches and pains are subsiding a little now that spring is coming on but it nearly drove me crazy over this past winter. My armpits felt swelled all winter long and if I stand or walk for long periods of time my feet and hands will swell. My leg muscles are the worst, chronic pain on a daily basis from November through April and they felt so weak. My arms hurt on occasion and they too feel weak. I can lift as much as I've ever been able to with both my legs and arms it is just a sensation of weakness. My doctor says that I don't fit the profile of the typical FMS patient, I'm not a woman of child bearing least I'm convinced that on that point he is correct. In the past 18 months I've lost a brother (age 48) to a massive heart attack, then eleven months later, in March of 2004, my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, two months later he passed away. Just before this my son had a fairly serious surgery and just before that my I had a scare with my daughter with a possibility of a skin melanoma that, thank God, turned out to be okay. In October of 2004 I started a new business and moved into a new house and in December I quit smoking. My question is two fold: Can stress and the things I've described above be contributing factors to the onset of FMS? Secondly, I would like to hear from some men that possibly face some of these same symptoms. Especially the muscle twitching which at times drives me nearly insane..Thanks!



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