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Memory loss
11 Replies
Mrs.Prince - April 10

With having Fibromyalgia I suffers memory loss. My body is in pain everyday, I have severe headache, blurr vision, thighness of the shoulders,legs tingles and very sensitive to the touch.


axxie - April 10

Mrs.Prince, I know how you feel, all of us have it. Some hours in the day, I feel good and then bam something hit you.

It's the memory loss that is the hardest for me to accept. I studied so long and so hard to get two degrees and what I"m I reduce to. I am now on compensation, and I hate it. I would rather be at work.

How are you coping with your systems?


kingstongirl - April 11

Are you sleeping? Poor sleep at night (no stage 3 and 4) can cause memory problems. Have you had a sleep study?


Trooper - April 15

Axxie: I also worked over 7 years getting my BA in Business Mgmt, along with working full-time and running an at-home business at nights and on weekends. When I finally recieved my degree in August, 2005, getting diagnosed with whatever (I didn't know what I had) was my first thing of business. I left work in November of 2005 and have not been back.

I sometimes think that this is what caused my fibromyalgia in the first place, although I'd been suffering it for a few years before. You're darned if you do and darned it you don't!

Mrs. Prince . . . I also know what you mean by memory loss. Someone who graduated Magna Cumme Laude and look at me now. I can't remember what I did 15 minutes ago. It is definitely affecting my relationship with my husband. He addressed me this morning about being check for Dementia today.



axxie - April 15

Trooper, I know exactly how you feel and the not remembering. You can play computer games to help you with helping your memory. Except I like the post-it notes everywhere in the house, even in my car.

Are you on treatment for your fibro, it's very important to be on treatment, and if you have problems sleeping, ask your doctor to give you some sleeping pills also.

Hope things go well with you,


JOEGIRL - April 18

Mrs Prince, I know how it is with pain and the blurred vision but I HATE the memory loss. I feel so stupid sometimes when I ask someone a guestion and they say I told you that yesterday etc. or I told you that 2 or 3 times already . ..
Guess we just have to deal with it best we can. Goodluck, JOEGIRL


toots2889 - April 19

Mrs. Prince, I too know how you feel. We all do. I did business management(mainly retail) for over 15 yrs. I could rattle figures,orders,anything you needed by memory. Now I struggle with my kids birthdates and year they were born. I feel so stupid. Who wouldnt know that. Now when my boys are with and I get asked, my boys will tell them as they know how bad i feel when this happens. Good luck to you.


Gabbie - April 22

The memory loss is frustrating. I leave some notes for myself and I have this tiny pocket recorder called "my lil' reminder" that I carry with me. It was advertised on TV last year and I found them in a "Harmons". I've also seen them in stores that carry "as seen on TV" items. There are two of them for about $10.00. I use it if I'm in the car or store and think of something that I need to do instead of having to search my handbag for a pen and piece of paper to write it down. When I park I record where I'm leaving the car so when I'm done with my errands, I'm not looking ridiculous wandering around the parking lot because I can't remember where my car is. If I start to tell a story, I ask "did I tell you this already" to save the embarassment of re-telling something. I also sometimes forget halfway through talking what I was talking that's fun. I just make a joke about it and laugh it off and if people look at me "funny", I'm at a place in my life now that I don't let it bother me anymore. I've had fibro for a long time and after the initial anger, frustration, pitty party I chose to pick up the pieces and go on with my life as best as I can. I haven't been on this site for a while, but I mentioned some time ago, that I am determined not to the this condition beat me. Although I have daily pain and some really bad days, I try to keep my sense of humor and not let it get the best of me and actually that outlook as helped so much. I wish all of you well.


terryleewolf41 - July 8

i have a memory loss i am 41 i am very upset because i cannt remeber things i am a women went to school for auto class and there is a lot of thing i dont remeber so i feel like i have lost 2 years of my life and i am very sad about this because it was very important to me


Nimu - July 8

Hey Mrs. Prince, Between the memory loss and the fatigue, I'm not sure which one is worse. I've leant to read even when I don't want to, somehow it sinks in and it's a great way to exercise the brain. Don't give up and take it one day at a time because at least you have today. I began my degree when I was already diagnosed with this condition. It has taken of sliguly longer to finish but I submitted my thesis and should be graduating room. please just give up.


Nimu - July 8

just DON'T give up. Silly typos on my post:-(


Kim57 - July 13

May I comment on this? For the last 6 months or so, I can't remember the littlest things when I try to think of them fast. For example..I will see someone out and about who I've know for years and I can't think of their names! I have to think and think and associate different things to put a name to them. I HATE IT! Stupid little things.



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