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memory loss
9 Replies
Anne - October 2

i am having trouble remembering things like what classes i have at school, what music my orchestra is playing, and what homework i have to do. Even other simple things like words during a conversation and things people have said to me. Is this from the fibromyalgia? or is there something else wrong with me?


diane - September 29

i have the same challenges..I lost all of last week I do not remember one thing....I had an MRI and was told I have deep white matter disease....according to my research this is caused by not enough oxygen to the brain cells....also research shows this can be caused by FMS


kerri - September 29

ah, yes...good ole fibro fog. i would definately say that is what is going on with your loss of words, lack of memory, etc. i experience the same things. some days are much worse than others, not even being able to remember a few hours prior.


Anne - September 30

yeah, i had science earlier on today and i have no idea what we did. i am finding it so frustrating, the last thing i need is to flunk my exams at the end of the year because i can't remember what i've studied! I feel better knowing that it is just from the FMS though!


Dee - September 30

Anne, I too experience fibro fog. It is very frustrating not being able to remember what you were going to say to someone or repeating what you said because you don't remember saying it. I go for a while seeming to do pretty well, then the fibro fog hits and I can't remember a darn thing. I find that writing down things helps me MUCH better than trying to rely on my memory!! Give it a shot. Hopefully, it will help you. Good luck to you.


Anne - September 30

thanks so much, i've been trying that, and it does help! i'm keeping a notebook with me now so i can write stuff down that i have to remember. i'm still finding it frustrating, but i am having a better day now, so i guess i'll enjoy it while it lasts!


Jean - October 2

Yes, fibrofog gotta love it...I write things down all the time and when I go to the store I make sure to park in the same area so I won't forget where I parked. If your in school and can take a tape recorder to tape notes that might help as well as some teachers run through things so fast there is not enough time to write it down. Just a thought.


Anne - October 2

yeah, i have to use a tape recorder anyway (i have arthritis). it was a big help, then i can just listen to the lesson again during lunch and type it up at night. When i do exams at school i have the option to have a scribe. sometimes during class i can get a scribe aswell. it all helps a lot, especially when i am having a bad day!


CJ - October 2

Anne--I can't imagine having to be in school AND having FM! I don't know how you do it--I can't continue working on my masters because I can't remember anything. I used to love reading fiction, but I always forgot what I had already read and so I lost interest. The same goes for some TV series I like to follow. If you already have a scribe, it sounds like you are in some sort of "special student" category at school. If you haven't already done so, I would push to have the FM diagnosis recognized and acknowledged by the school. Then the "fibro-fog" would be (hopefully!) recognized and you can received some sort of special treatment or lowered test standard. I know you probably hate hearing that, but you really do have short term memory problems when you have FM. Our memories are "cemented" in our sleep and if you have no stage 4 sleep (which is a major sign of FM) then it becomes much more difficult for you to retain the information you have learned. It is very frustrating--I've had friends tell me lots of personal stuff--trials, life history, etc., and I feel so bad that I can't remember a lot of it! Good luck to you, Anne. I wish you the best. CJ


Friday - October 2

Anne, you can definitely have some short-term memory loss with FMS, especially if you have muscle tightness and pain in your neck and shoulders... it can actually reduce the oxygen supply to your brain! Some gentle massage in that area, even self-applied, may help. Good luck!



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