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Memory Foam
9 Replies
Littlelede - December 4

Has anyone tried sleeping on memory foam to help ease the body aches? My husband and I just bought a new sealy mattress. I am hoping that this will help.


CarrieLee - December 13

We care about you! How is the new mattress? No one even answered this poor gal! BUMP!!!


Littlelede - December 13

The mattress took a while to get used to because my other one was soft and this is a bit on the hard side, but I am finally feeling the benefits.


CarrieLee - December 13

Oh MY! I am so GLAD you are here! I am researching the *memory foam* toppers right now because they look SO COMFY!!! Does your new Sealy have that foam built into the pillow top.


Lynne-FT - December 17

I am wondering what beds others have found useful?


Littlelede - December 19

The whole mattress is memory foam. We looked into Toppers but found that they are expensive for the correct one and you need a very firm platform to lay them on, plus they don't last very long.
All in all, that is why we bought the whole mattress.


Cyndreth - December 19

I researched mattresses, Tempur-pedic, and Memory foam options several weeks ago. After reading about how most of the new mattresses, Tempur-pedics and Memory foam products are manufactured, and how they out-gas (I am chemically sensitive as well as an asthmatic) I steered clear of them all. Instead, I did a google search on fibromyalgia and best beds and came up with the Cuddle Ewe underquilt (100% pure wool, natural, no out-gassing). I've had it for a week and I am finally--after months of sleepless nights due to a major fibro, IBS, and costochondritis flare-up after 20 years of low grade pain, almost a remission--actually having a full night's sleep (I also use a 1/4 of a 75mg tablet of Trazodone). I love the thing so much I just purchased a Travel Ewe for Christmas with the family and all my business travels. As you can tell I highly recommend Cuddle Ewe!


BRENDA - December 21

I bought a memory foam mattress topper for my bed, I LOVE IT!!! The mattress I have is so hard it would leave bruises on my hips!! So I have a nice hard suface for the topper!! It is three inches thick. I dodn't care for the pillow that came with it though!!


Maura A. - January 15

Just got it for a Christmas gift. I love it. It is great so far. It does help the body and I am having less pain in my back. Did anyone else get one?


Iori - January 15

I would love to try memory foam but we have a new bed that has a huge pillow-top already, if we put another foam topper on it i'll need to take a running jump just to get up there! i have heard they are comfortable though... next bed maybe. Brenda, I remember someone named 'Teresa' also saying she got bruising on her hips from the same exact thing! what an odd coincidence... ya think? not....



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