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txsunsets - September 22

I am taking nuerotin for my FMS. my doctor just up my dosage but it makes me feel stoned. does anyone else take this med and if so do you experience the same effect. does it go away or will i always be stoned.


Fantod - September 23

My preferred method of handling this medication is to take it at night. I sleep off most of the side effects and it still carries me through the day. It also helps me sleep which is a bonus. Take care.


txsunsets - September 23

i have to take 900 mg in the morning, 600 mg in the afternoon, and 900 mg at night. When the effects start to subside it's time to take it again.


Fantod - September 23

That seems like a lot of medication. Do you have nerve pain like burning, stabbing etc? If your doctor is attempting to control generalized pain as opposed to nerve pain why not try Cymbalta or Lyrica? It is no wonder you feel so stoned. I would not be able to function period. I use Cymbalta in addition to gabapentin which is like Neurotin. The combination of the two seems to be to be fairly effective. I do have nerve pain from a back injury which is why I use both. It usually takes some tinkering to find the right combination of drugs. Don't be reluctant to ask for a change if your quality of life is being affected not only by a medical condition but the drugs used to treat it. Take care.


txsunsets - September 24

Fantod, I tried Cymbalta but it made me deathly ill. Lyrica isn't on my prescription list so it was going to end up costing around $200 a month after what the insurance paid. I can't afford that so he put me on Nuerotin.


DEBBIE ANDERSON - September 24

Hi, I am new to the forum...I am off work for a few days simply because of a flair up... If I over do it , I pay...My doc put me on Steroids yesterday. a course of that generally helps get me back on track....i take Tramadol routinely that started off being for my neck pain. I then found I was taking it more for the Fibromyalgia pain...I am presently taking Lyrica, but I am coming of of it, I did not find any helpful relief from it....I also take Skelaxin a muscle relaxer, again for my neck....Celebrex at night, and much needed Lunesta, which I highly recommend to everyone...


Shau Marie - September 24

Hey txsunset, what do you feel on the nuerotin? I am on the generic Gabapentin. I always say i feel so strange but when I am asked to discribe it words elude me. I take the lowest dose because I am so sensitive to everything, meds, scents, chemicals. Ugghh!


txsunsets - September 24

Debbie, on top of the nuerotin i take ambien cr for sleep, imitrex shots for migraines, and levisin for IBS.


txsunsets - September 24

Shau Marie, i feel stoned. I am so out of it that it is hard for me to function. Sometimes i walk as if i was completely drunk. i can't walk in a straight line even if i want to. my head feels hazy. How are you feeling on it??


Fantod - September 24

You might qulaify for help with a prescription for Lryica even though you have insurance. You can call Pfizer at 1-866-706-2400 or go to
Drug companies are really stepping up to help people with medication these days. It never hurts to try. Take care.


Fantod - September 24

Here's another thought for you. Have you considered seeing a pain specialist?
They might have some better ways to manage your pain without having you stoned out of your mind. I have a pain specialist (more doctors than relatives...) and he has had some keen insight where others have failed. Take care.


txsunsets - September 25

Fantod, thanks for all of your advise. I am waiting to hear from another doctor that treats FMS. I will check into the website for the lyrica.


Shau Marie - September 25

well you described the drunk, stoned feeling I get also. I am on a very low dose and I can't even take that. I have a sensitivity to all types of meds. Do you find that to be true with you?


txsunsets - September 25

Shau Marie, yes i am very sensitive to medications. i usually have alot of side effects when i take anything


s01701 - September 29

I JUST joined this website. I've had FMS for a few years now. Having had depression (situational) i was put on Cymbalta. The Rheumatologist who diagnosed the FMS (i think he's the 'father of fibromyalgia !!!! - the best 1!! he's written MANY articles on FMS and is so on top of it) said that cymbalta actually helps the FMS pain, so he upped the dosage from 60 to 90 mg. It actually made quite a difference in the pain level. I've been on celebrex (severe knee osteo) for 2 years now, so i remain on this, too. At one point i tried NEURONTIN (before he upped the Cymbalta to 90) and although it did help a little, i had such memory loss it was horrible. I'm 55, and my 79 y.o. mother was having better memory recall than me. I knew right away this was a problem. I decided i'd rather have a little more pain and be able to remember things, than to forget things and have no pain!!!! So increasing the Cymbalta was a definite help. A brand new revelation ----- a month ago i did something in my back and couldn't walk -- so the doctor on call put me on muscle relaxant (Flexeril). I took that for 2 weeks. My back def got better, but i realized that i had no fibro pain. When i started getting pain back this past week and two, i decided to ask the Rheumatologist (today) about using flexeril as a pain reliever for fibro -- and he said it definitely helps. So, i think i have a great combination and in a few weeks, i'll share it with more people if this good feeling continues !!!


txsunsets - September 30

s01701, I have tried Cymbalta and it made me deathly ill so the dr took me off of it. I am having a lot of problems with my back and my dr put me on Flexeril, however it helps me with the muscle spasms but not much with the pain. Hope it works for you. I appreciate all of your suggestions.



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