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medicinal marijuana
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neurrorist - January 21

I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, something I could have suspected with my father having it as well. The symptons became unavoidable and constant beginning a little over three months ago. Previous to this I had smoked marijuana recreationaly, however, beginning three months ago, whenever I smoke the pain becomes much much much worse. My father has a medicinal license, and has no idea as to why this happens, neither do I as it has always helped me with chronic migraines and the physical stress that came from work and being an artist. I have stopped smoking, but wonder why this could possibly happen. Every study, book, and internet site have told me of the theruputic benefits (and I feel I already know from personal experience) of it. My doctor seems to not want to discuss it (this being one of the states where you cannot get a license) but I am baffled. I have never encountered any information anywhere that would hint at this reaction. Does this possibly mean I may have some different problem? Or has anyone else experienced something similiar to this?


bobmedmj - February 18

You should submit your question to Americans for Safe Access, our premiere medical marijuana advocacy group. On their forum you will be in contact with patients across the country who may have an answer to your situation. Please return back here to share with other FM patients anything you learn. As you are aware, there are many strains of the marijuana plant and each has differing medical application.

Your physician may be reluctant to discuss medical use of cannabis due to his lack of knowledge of the issue. It is unlikely a subject presented in medical school. Patients must be their own advocates and feel empowered to present relevant research to their physician.



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