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Suffering - January 20

I have tried several anti-dpressents and have had bad reactions to zoloft and to paxil and wellbutriun. My doctors prescribed cymbaytla, and I am a;so weary of that has anyone had luck with lexapro?
Also I have several doctors working together and we have yet to find the right combination of medications and excersize, will I ever be normal again or is FM going to hamper me the rest of my life?


AKFlyfisher - January 17

I have tried several myself and none have worked. Hang in there and keep trying, many others have had similiar results. Have you tried Elavil, it helps me stay asleep without waking up alot but I still dream a lot. Also the Elavil helped calm my gi tract and reduced my IBS symptoms.Cymbalta made my gi tract more irritable and triggered my IBS more.
The past couple of years I have gone back and forth between Elavil and Ambien for sleep. Elavil will put some weight on you though, I can hand 20lbs extra vs no sleep LOL :0).....
PS: Try to go for a walk everyday, I live in the cold and an eliptical machine or walking does help. Also a hot shower on the back muscles helps as well.


Jean - January 20

Hi Suffering: I've talked to you before. I think it is basicaly you and your team of doctors who will at one point in time find the right combination for you. Don't give up and antidepressants are still the way to go. In my reading of these conditions SSRI's make fibro worse so talk to your doctors about an older antidepressant. I wish I could give you more examples but Remeron is all I have to give and sometimes it puts on weight but some people can take it without having the weight gain. Taking antidepressants also take time, its a slow process., working with the brain has to go slowly so you don't get reprocussions of side affects. It can take some people up to a year to find that common place. Give it time and stay in contact with your doctors and keep a journal so they know how you are doing in between visits. Hang in there! :)



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