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Suffering - December 1

I am currently taking Flexril 5mg x3 a day for muscle spasam, Xanax .25mg x4 a day for anxiety (previous issues was incereased after my diagnosis) Restoril 30mg at bedtime
and Vicodan as needed for my migraines (these I take maybe 4-7 times a month). I have noticed some improvement from pain but if I do anything I suffer the next day for it. Is anyone here able to function with FM at all because I sure can't.


Jean - November 23

I would talk to your doctor about possibly raising your Flexeril to 10mg 3x a day. Ask him/her about a pain medication such as Talwin NX which you can take 4x a day or Tramadol as needed. Limit your activities for awhile and start stretching exercises, sometimes that will help. You can function depending on your day to day symptoms. In other words you may be able to shop all day and then be down from walking the rest of the week. This condition of Fibromyalgia waxes and wans and you never know what the next day might bring. It's guess work basically. Hope you feel better.


Suffering - November 23

Thanks for they reply, I am not on anything for pain now that I think about it. I am going to a RA next week, I do not have health insurance so finding good care is challanging. How do you work on these medications and with the pain if I may ask? I have not worked since November of last year.


Barb - November 25

If you don't have health insurance, you might be able to get a low cost membership at a local YMCA in order to use the pool for aquatic low inpact exercises. That's what my great doc has me on and I think that it helps.
Bono fortuna,


Suffering - November 25

After my shouler injury last year I would go to the local community center and work out in the pool with 70+ year olds in the arthritic classes and could hardly move the next day (they did better then I did). I did not know then that I had FM and neither did my doctor at the time. I been thinking on going back it has been about 6 months since I have been there I am getting no excersize at all because I always hurt worse.


Jean - November 28

Hi Suffering: I haven't worked for 4 years now. The Fibro and Myofascial Pain Syndrome put me right out of work. Tried going back and it just became worse. Tried for secretarial and found no one hires unless you have working experience. HoHum.


Suffering - November 28

I have secretarial skills but sitting or standing for long periods of times is out of the question. I awoke this morning knowing either a cold spell or rain was coming and I live in Florida. I guess we all know how that is from one day to the next will I be able to function? I am going to see about some sort of disibility I can not afford even my doctors or meds anymore I am at my wits end.
Good Luck Jean I see your posts here, nice to know there are people out there willing to listen.
I am also going to a RA on the 5th to see what she has to say and my family doctor just upped my xanax to .5mg x3 a day, I am waiting till I see the RA to up the Flexril I will be a zombie.


Jean - November 30

You might be able to work a part time job keeping everything flexable. I'm still trying to find work knowing that I may not be able to tolerate some schedules I might try for 15 or 20 a week position if anyone will give me the chance. Check with your health department, maybe they can help you with doctor visits and medication, they may have some sort of a program and some of your Pharmaceuticals have programs for free or reduced medications. Ask the medical secretaries and see what they have to say and always ask for samples.


Jean - November 30

Suffering: Xanax is a sedative you can become addicted to it.
You might want to ask about Remeron, it is an anti-depressant with little side afects and it goes along with Flexeril very good. You won't be a zombie. Ask your doctor.


Suffering - November 30

To late I had an anxiety problem from way back I have been on xanax for 10 years now and know I am addicted but over the years my doctors have adjusted my doseages according to the several tragidies I have had throughout my life. I suffer from PTSD and OCD and since my fall and operation I have developed FM. am sure I have several issues to work out but have not seemed to be able to find the right doctors for several years now. I was prescribe cymbalta and lunesta but neither has a generic nor do those companies offer any discounts being they are new drugs. The RA is my last try.


Jean - December 1

Hi Suffering; You were right in the middle of the syndrome when they were trying to find the cause. It has only been recognized now for about20-21 years. So now you have an addiction to the xanax which you probably will not be able to get off of and your other health issues. Finding the right doctor is very important for you. Have you tried psychiatry, they may be able to help you with the drug addiction and anxiety problem, PDST and OCD. don't give up suffering you've come this far. Have you ever tried a psychiatrist? They can be very helpful if you get the right one. Do you have family that could help? Have you thought about going for disability? It seems with all your health problems you may be eligible for it. Worth a try. There are some of us who can not work with Fibromyalgia and then there are some that can do part time. For me, I still don't know.


nan - December 1

i tried cymbalta and it made me a zombie and sick at my stomach. form what i've heard lunesta is no better than ambien. i finally started taking klonipin(sp?) it works most of the time. I think it come in generic. it really works great with a flexiril, but my dr. said not to mix them. She is not as desprate for sleep as i am! sleep is so wonderful!


Suffering - December 1

Yes Jean, I have tried psychiatry off and on for the last 10 years. I had a hormonal imbalance 10 years ago, then I lost my first husband in a car accident. After my 2nd husband committed suicide 7 years later due to failed back surgery and pain I sought out counseling again. After my fall last July which I think triggered my FM I again went to counseling again and I am now seeing a psychriat (only once so far it is so expensive) he did not recommend any pills at this time. My mom has been helping me out as much as she can which me being 43 I should be helping her.
I am going to a disability attorney tomorrow missed my first appointment I needed my ID and I accidentally threw it away what a screw up, I never would have done anything like that before me being the neak freak that I am.
Thanks for your help your an inspiration, and btw I am Lynn and my email [email protected]
I am starting the pool Thursday for arthritic classes again I can't swim due to my left shoulder surgery my arm no longer functions that good to swim I can not even swim underwater can't pull myself through the water.
Hi Ann I just wanted to say sleep is a high priority for me I get it when I can!
Do you all have other sites or any kinda of chat sometimes I worry because this site does not require registration guess I am paranoid. You all are great!



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