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lisa1 - October 9

I am having a little trouble with the medications and the side effects and was wondering what everyone else is taking. Have a doctor's appointment and would like to discuss it with him next week. Thanks again


Gabbie - October 9

Hi Lisa. Your last post sounded a bit more optimistic. I'm glad because it's important to try to keep a positive outlook. I am not taking any prescribed meds at this time, other than a cream called lidocaine. I use it on the pressure points at the knees and sometimes at the elbows on the days when the pain is really bad and it definately makes a difference. It comes in a patch but it's too expensive so I opted for the very inexpensive cream with a big bandaid over it. Ain't all that sexy, but it helps, so who cares. If the stuff came in vat, I'd dunk my whole body in it. I also use advil during the day and have found the tylenol PM helps me sleep better. I'm a little leary of some of the meds out there, antidepressants and stuff so I'm trying my own things to alleviate some of the discomfort at times. My main medication is keeping as active as my body will allow each day and continuing to maintain my outward appearance even on my crappiest of days.


lisa1 - October 9

Hi Gabbie, My doctor put me on Lexapro, Could not take being so groggy during the day. Then he went to amitrptline same effect. Tramadol was supposed to help with pain, not taking that either. So as it stands right now, I take Motrin when needed and he did give me hydrocodone and that does help but I only take it when absolutely have to.I do not like that feeling and also cannot drive or work if taking it. I get massages,deep tissue, and that really helps. I stay as active as possible with work . I also purchased a treadmill because walking makes me feel better. I used to walk outside but I have fallen into the street a few times and I began to get scared. Sometimes my legs do not want to go where the rest of me is heading.. Anyway, I am not a pill person, but have read there are some new meds out there. I have tried a cream as well called Arnica. It is made for bruising but does help when I put it on my knees and neck. It is a gel and disolves really quick.
Have you heard of any other meds, possibly homeopathic, that have worked. I really do not like taking any ill if I don't have to.Thanks again...


Gabbie - October 10

I don't like feeling groggy either so that's why I don't use the meds. My legs don't always cooperate either or the rest of my body for that matter, but on those especially bad days, I slow down and really pay close attention to how I'm moving about. I also walk when I can. It does help but you do have to find a comfortable stride and not overdue it. Also invest in a good pair of shoes with a low heal. Unfortunately, the days of the high heels are over for us, but there are some pretty ones more suitable for us out there. When my rheum prescribed the lodocaine, I used it for the first time on the pressure points on the inside of the knees before going to bed. That was the first time I slept better in a long time. I was getting unbearable pain in the knees and whatever is in this cream, it's amazing how much of the pain it takes away. Ask you doctor about it and also try the Tylenol PM. It's not a guarantee that you won't wake up during the night sometimes, but I definately get a more restful sleep. And it's not habit forming and you won't be groggy in the a.m. Unfortunately I don't think there's any miracle drug out there for us at this point so we just have to try the best we can and focus on the good things in our lives. That's what has worked the best for me to keep me going and maybe that will help you too.


JJ1 - October 10

I just take amitryptiline and it works well for me. It took a month or so before it started working but I have been taking it for about 5 years now with no side effects. I take two 25 mg tablets a night. If I forget and take it too late, I will just take one because two will make me fell groggy in the morning unless I take them around 8 pm. I know amitriptyline doesn't work for everyone, but it has done the trick for me.



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