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Medication shot directly into the spine.
5 Replies
Beverly - October 18

My doctor has me scheduled for a surgery where he will put medication into my spine. Has anyone had this done and has it helped your fibromyalgia?


Jean - October 17

I've not heard of it although if you have spinal stenosis which is a narrowing of the vertebre may become necessary for this surgical procedure. Hopefully you've gone for a second opinion to make sure this is what you need done. And do ask the questions such as: what is this for? How will this help? How long will this last? Will I need more procedures after this one? What are the success rates for this procedure in treating Fibromyalgia?


tonyab1838 - October 17

Beverly, I had two nerve blocks a year ago. It did nothing for me. Are you being seen by Pain Management? Sometimes they don't always do what is right. My Dr. did not listen to me, he saw me for 5 minutes and decided I needed a nerve block. After the second one he said he couldn't do any more for me except a surgery where they put a long stem into my spine and I have a battery pact that would be inserted into my side. It was to jump start my nerves. He said that I would be able to get feeling back into my arms and hands, along with controlling the pain. I can't remember the name of it but I am glad that the insurance company made me see another Dr.. Just ask lots of questions and make sure that it is right for you. Don't let them bully you into getting this done. Let me know how things go. Take care and God bless!


Beverly - October 17

dear Tony, I have had a very hard time deciding about the nerve block as I have heard from other's (who had them for other reasons} that they got no help. I thank God I you answered my post. My surgery is planned for May 24th. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and cancel it.

I use quite strong meds from my pain management doctor but it just keeps me able to keep going. I have very bad muscle spasms in the back of my neck and across my upper sholders. Nothing helps this. I have tried Massage,Accupunture and very heavy medication. Nothing touches it. When it's really bad it goes all the way from my neck to my throat.

The nerve block seemed to be the only answer and no quantee it would help. It's late and I can't sleep so foregive the rambeling.

God Bless


tonyab1838 - October 18

If you want to talk anymore just e-mail me at [email protected] Just don't give up. Take care and God bless!


Jean - October 18

Beverly,thank goodness Tonya had an answer for that one. Has anyone talked to you about Botox shots? there qutie expensive but do help. Another medication would be Keppra for very bad muscle spasming, see what your doctor has to say baout that.



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