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mdak - April 10

I was wondering for the people that get social security (disability) early did you have to wait 2 years for medicare to come effective? This is in the U.S.A. I was talking to someone that got theirs and it was with a lawyer before 2 years were up. I am having to wait, I din't need a lawyer to get my disability.


Fantod - April 10

mdak - It depends on the date the Social Security Administration determines that you became disabled.

I waited to file for disability (stupid). So I became eligible for Medicare 6 months after I started receiving SSD. The amount of time varies for everyone and there are some medical conditions that make people eligible immediately.

Go to the Social Security Administration website and read about it. If you are still unclear, than call and speak to a representative. Take care.


kellym - May 6

Medicare starts 2 years from the date that Disability Determination Bureau feels or determines you became disabled. It’s a Bunch of Crap if you ask me. It took me almost 2 years to be approved for disability. I was determined disabled as of 1/31/2009 was approved just this past February 2011. My Medicare will start this June 2011. Also keep in mind that you may have to pay for your Medicare, depending on what plan they give you. Looks like I might have to pay $120.00 per month. With the cost of everything I do not know if I can even afford that. Plus Prescription Coverage I do not how much that will cost. With everything I have been dealing with the past two and a half years I am to the point that I am not even sure anymore if I care about receiving health insurance. I have gone without for a long time only Doctor I can see is my Physiologist because the hospitals have what they call community care program. I went to the Free clinic 4 times the first time I was given medication for may body rash 2 weeks later my entire body broke out in hives I was allergic to the medication. When I went to the hospital I was told that I should have never been give that medication it is used to treat cancer, the 2nd time I went the doctor tried to tell me that my rash was gone I tried to tell him it was not gone that is goes in cycles and asked him to explain to me how it was gone, he got so made he started yelling and left the room. So I saw a new doctor at the free clinic thought he was really going to help asked to see medical records after 3 visits he said that I have mania and that they could not see me until I got that under control and I was to speak to my Psychologist about it. So I spoke to my Psychologist he said What you do not have mania, I mean if the amount I have to pay is going to affect me paying for things like bills, food general cost of living then I will not be able to pay fro Medicare. I do not Qualify for any type state or Government assistance because I am considered single, not married, childless adult living with Boyfriend of 9 ½ years and just making it, and I mean just. Well anyhow Good luck



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