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Medical Mystery...
3 Replies
frustrated128 - January 14

I have had unexplained hand/leg/ankle swelling, pain, fatigue, weight gain, increased headaches for over a year now with no explanation from the doctors. I've been told by an internist that it's just "old lady swelling" and I'm going to have to live with it. I'm 33. I was recently talking to someone and they thought it sounded like Fibromyalgia...I go to my ob/gyn next month and plan to discuss all this with her but she's the one that sent me to the internist since it was not time for my annual check-up... I feel like the doctors just think I'm crazy.


Fantod - January 14

Hello frustrated128 - You need to get rid of that internist! What an outrageous thing to say and dismiss your concerns. You should be very blunt with the og/gyn about your dissatisfaction with her referral. You might want to have your ob/gyn investigate your hormone levels to see if something is out of whack in that department.

Failing that, I would go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumotologist in your area. Several things (thryoid among others) can mimic FMS symptoms. You need to rule other options out first. If you have had recent bloodwork done, ask for a copy so you can take it with you. The rheumy will want to run some bloodwork. Bringing a copy of it with you may save some time. Take care.


frustrated128 - January 19

Thanks for your advice. I just got a report with all the testing they did at my initial appointment in September. She told me that my TSH level was normal (I was on thyroid meds at the time to increase my levels). This report shows that even on medication my TSH level is well below normal. Also, my SED Rate is above normal. Everything else is fairly normal. After that appointment she actually took me off all medication! So, I go back to my OB/GYN on the 3rd and I'll have this report in hand to show her... This all may be thyroid related. So glad I asked for my own copy because what she was telling me and what the test results show are two different things.


Anne Hillebrand - January 19

Is your temperature consistently 98.6?

Test Saliva pH. About 90% of Fibros are the Overly Acidic Version.

If you have acid reflux and blisters in your mouth you can be pretty sure that's it.

Put some baking soda in water and drink it. Don't eat acidy foods like fruits, tomatoes or soft drinks. If you have this Version of Fibro, you will feel the difference very quickly.

Anne at FibroFix



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