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Maybe this will help some
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cshean - November 14

Hi there everyone. I will tell you a little of how this started with me. Maybe it will help. 14 years ago I started feeling like I had the flu every month. I didn't know what it was and my husband at that time thought I was making it up. I actually began to question myself. Then I started having back problems and hip problems.Three years ago everything just seemed to go away. I still had to be careful how I did things but I slept and walked and everything. In 2007 everything just fell apart. I asked my dr. WHY?? He said, "I'm sorry but your body is just tired and wants to give up. Now at 60 I have fibro, dengenerative disc disease, and mysofascial pain syndrome. I just had 2 discs taken out of my neck 3 months ago and am looking at hip surgery. I am a little heavy but that isn't the issue.
I have been thankful for a good dr. of rheumatology. He helped me understand this a lot. I take pain meds but everything seems to be worse. I get so sick of hurting and not sleeping at night. I think the depression is the thing that I fight against. I am on disability, living with someone else cause I can't afford to live on my own. I do have a service dog. If no one has looked into that you might. He is a theraputic/companian service dog. I know God sent him to me cause he is such a comfort.
The day I got him 8 months ago I had a flare up that lasted 10 days.He laid by my side except to go out and to eat. I really needed that.
If anyone wants to talk feel free.


ashortbeauty - December 3

New here - not new to Fibro.

I think this has been THE best site on actually understanding every facet of Fibro.

The therapeutic/companion service dog is something I never thought about - thx for sharing.

I'm a 33yr old single mother of 3 - ages: 9-8-6

I'm glad they're getting bigger as this has gotten worse, that way they can 'do for themselves' more.

ie, I've taught them to:

wash, dry, fold and put away their clothes
properly load/unload the dishwasher
clean the bathroom
sweep and vacuum

I DID have to stop virtual schooling them and send them to public because of the pain and memory issues. That makes me sad but it's a new experience for them that they can learn from as well... AND they still have all they're old virtual buddies from the years previous.

They're GREAT kids = )

I think having a 'friend' around the house would be not only beneficial to me but to the kids as well.

Brandon, FL


Sonja44 - December 3

My dogs keep me laughing and I've learned from them to enjoy each moment as it happens.

I volunteer with my Therapy dog at the local Charter School helping kids who don't read well. (PAWS to Read Program). They read to my dog...who is non-judgemental ...and I will say something like, "I don't think she understood that word. Can you re-read it for her?" and on cue (I didn't teach her this) she cocks her head in an inquizitive way. The kids eyes open wider as they realize...she really is listening to me!

That's the best medicine in the world for me!



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