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7 Replies
m.e. - August 17

I bought a mattress a little over a year ago. I thought it was great, but after that not-so-cheap investment, it seems not to be right for me. Some people rave about tempurpedics, yet another knowledeable friend with health issus in this family of illness told me it's not good for fibro. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge? Thanks.


crafter8 - August 17

my husband has an apartment while working out of state. we bought him a generic memory foam mattress online and i love it for my fibro. we also had bought a new mattress 3 yrs ago and i hate it. the foam one will keep you warm also, something that helps me and my fibro.


m.e. - August 17

Thank you crafter8. I may go that route especially since sleep is such an important part of the fibro situation. My friend suggested staying at a hotel and trying it out for a full night that way...I may do that. Feel well.


Fantod - August 18

Foam mattresses are very hot. Due to Fibromyalgia my internal thermostat is broken. Sleeping on foam would be like sleeping in the fires of hell as far as I am concerned. My sleep is always disrupted and I know a foam mattress would make it worse. You would be better off to get a feather bed for the top of your new mattress. Far cheaper and very comfortable.


m.e. - August 18

Thanks Fantod. Good point.


kjscns09 - August 20

my husband and i bought a sleep number bed thinking it would help my fibro, what a waste of money, my fibro has gotten worse over the past year and a half since we've had the bed. Also, being so sensitive to odors the smell alone (especially the first 8 months or so) was nauseating.


toots2889 - August 20

m.e.-I found a tempurpedic mattress pad at wal-mart for about $ 100.00 and love it. I dont know if it works since its just a mattress pad on top of my regular mattress or what. You might want to try that first to see if its something that would work for you or not.


mimosette - August 21

I bought this topper for $68 at Amazon " Ortho-pedic Contour Memory Foam Pillow With This Soft Sleeper 5.5 King 2 Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad, Bed Topper, Overlay " , and we love it. I am VERY hot natured, but haven't noticed any difference in that.
It is squishy .No too squishy,Just comfy. Did have a slight chemical smell the very first night, haven't noticed it since, and I do seem to notice smells.
VERY well worth the $68. And Amazon has free shipping on orders over $25. It came a lot quicker than I expected, too.



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