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Kristina Dunn - September 21

How often should fibromyalgia sufferers get massage therapy to get the most benefits from it?


JJ - September 18

I don't think there is an answer to your question. This would be highly variable for different people. I do not have widespread pain with my FMS, so I don't need massage therapy. A co-worker's wife who has excrutiating pain goes to a massage therapist several times per week, but depending on how severe her symptoms are.


Louise - September 21

I have FM & also CMP (which is way worse for me) so I see a masseuse who does work on trigger point release, because I have tons of them in my shoulders and back. It is deep work & can be painful, but its worth it. Tennis balls work great too, just lay or lean against a wall. Some people with FM can hardly stand finger pressure though, so a light 'relaxation' type massage would be best for them. That's what my bodyworker told me anyway. Actually she told me a really weird story about one of her FM patients.... she said this lady has the worst FM she had EVER seen (she works with alot of FM sufferers). This lady was a ball of depression and anxiety, there was a dark dark fog-like presence that hung around her. She had been abused severely in her life. She told me that when she worked on this ladies back she would sometimes feel 'something' moving under her skin, alomost writhing around like a snake. She said that as soon as she would relax one area & get a release, the 'snake' would snap back & resist it, forcing the muscle back to its same painful contracted position. She said it was like the body had turned against itself, or had something living in it! She admitted she dreads working on this lady even though she feels really bad for her. I could tell it upset her just talking about it. It gives me the shivers. She told me that the worst cases she sees are those who were abused.


Jean - September 21

About every six to eight weeks and drink plenty of water....Do not overdo yourself and make sure they are not too hard on you in the beginning, you need to work it up just like anything else. If it gets to the point you continue to feel bad stop...



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