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dwilmoth - June 27

Has anyone ever found that on-going massage over time actually helps? Or does it just relieve pain at the moment?


Questa - June 29

3 years ago I purchased an IJoy massage chair on ebay and it has made a huge difference in the stiffness- I didn't realize how much until it broke down last week and I didn't have use of it for over a week- Thank God the replacement part came yesterday and I feel way better ow- These chairs will run you about $500 but it is cheaper than a massage therapist (who charge $50-$70 an hour) in the long run. Plus it is alot more convenient to be able to use it anytime day or night in the privacy of your own home. MIne only works the back, neck and shoulders, but those are my worst areas.. For more money, you can also get one that works on the legs.
It is the best investment I have ever made! P.S. I don't work for this company, so I am not just saying this for profit-


neuro1 - June 29

dwilmoth...most therapies are temporary. Massage generally only suplies limited relief- lasts maybe 1-2 days after massage. Accupunture is a choice I often use, but the results are much the same- though I usually get 3-4 days of pain relief from that. Another thing I do, just to break up the monotony, is go to a spa that has mineral enhanced warm sand "baths". I also get 3-4 days of pain relief from those.


teresat - June 30

Neuro1, I have a recipe for a spa bath you can do at home... In a tub filled with water as hot as you can stand... add 3 cups of Epsom salts & 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide. It really works & is not as expensive as a spa. Dwilmoth, I have not been able to enjoy a massage in about a year now, but I really use to!


BreeZ - July 30

I've had numerous massages and use of massage chairs over the years. Unfortunately have only found temporary relief .. same as when using cold or hot compresses.. Have also had trigger point injections shoulders, knees and buttocks.. I've even gone to a medical college where they tried hypnosis for pain.. . All just temporary relief.. The ony thing that really seems to help me for any length of time is walking walking walking OR swimming. I will check out this IJoy chair. not giving up yet!


JJ1 - July 30

BreeZ, I think you are on the right track with your walking and swimming. I feel best when I can get regular excercise. Unfortunately, when I get a flare up of symptoms, it is like a downward spiral and I become unable to exercise. I have not tried massage, but I would expect it to only provide temporary relief, as you have found.



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