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Marketing Procera - the brain supplement
2 Replies
January - September 11

Just want to share with you my experience with this company. You've probably seen the ads for this brain supplement that helps with brain fog. Just be careful if you call this company. They are very heavy-handed with the marketing (in my opinion) and you might not be told all you are signing up for. Don't call them while you are in the middle of brain fog attack, because you need to be on your toes!! Here is MY experience.

Yesterday I called for some information, thinking I MIGHT order some. I ended up not ordering, details below. You can make your own decision about whether to deal with this company.

The supplement Procera contains three ingredients that help the brain: Huperzine, Vinpocetine, and acetyl-L-carnitine. You can buy them at your local vitamin/supplement store. In Procera, you get all three supplements combined. It sounds like a good product, but I don't know, I haven't tried it. (I have tried all three supplements separately - got them at my vitamin store - and I like them.) With shipping and handling, you will pay almost $58 for one bottle of Procera, but they have "deals" they offer you to get a lower price and come-ons like "free gifts." You may be comfortable with heavy-handed marketing, I am not. And I want anybody who has brain fog to be aware of this - because IF you have brain fog and you call these folks, you might get more than you realize.

I have, in the past, ordered something from a TV ad, and been shocked to see repeating charges on my credit card, month after month. I was able to get the charges stopped, but it usually took many calls and was a hassle. I was NOT always able to get the money refunded -- for things I did not even know I signed up for! IMO, this is a scam some companies are running, and they don't always tell you that, along with your order, you are SUBSCRIBING to products (or newsletters, or online access, or whatever) for the rest of your natural life! Once they have your credit card number they can just keep charging. (Hopefully, you won't notice!)

Beware of this - salespeople "take control" of the conversation right up front in a very friendly, but firm way - and get all your information, including your credit card number. Make sure you do NOT give them your information until you have asked them all the questions you need answered, about the product AND about what you are signing up for. One thing you should always ask: "Is this a one-time order or will I be getting repeated charges on my credit card?" Ask BEFORE you give them your credit card number and get the name and call center of the sales rep. Make sure you are getting exactly what you ordered, nothing extra.

Because I've already been through this problem, I did not give the Procera person my credit information until I got all my questions answered. When I did get answers, I decided I did NOT want to sign up. The salesman had earlier asked for my telephone number, and I said I did not want to give it (I don't like getting marketing calls); however he read my number off to me -- apparently he had caller ID. So… even though I did NOT give up my number, they have it, and now I am getting repeated calls from this company. They don't give up easily !

The Procera salespeople are friendly, and very persistent. When I first called, I was quoted a price for one bottle - (which was all I wanted.) Then I was offered a much better price on three bottles, so thought I might take that offer. I was then told about all these "extra free gifts" I would get, like another supplement (again, a mixture of ingredients you can buy at any health store), a newsletter, a book... Something went off in my mind and I said I did NOT want any kind of recurring charge on my credit card. I just wanted the ONE simple order. AHA! Turns out I was being signed up for a recurring contract where they would be repeatedly sending me stuff - and charging my credit card! But the rep did not tell me up front. I asked, and that's how I found out the truth. He tried very hard to sell me on this long term "deal." When I insisted I did NOT want anything extra, I just wanted the one order, then he said the price would have to go up by $20. At that point I said forget it. He argued, and argued, and argued. He offered to lower the price back to the original quote, give me other deals… until I finally had to hang up on him. (I had also told him I did not want to go on any mailing lists or receive any phone calls. Luckily, I asked my questions BEFORE he got my credit card number.)

Later that evening I got a call from a "manager," asking why I hadn't bought the product. I went through the whole thing with her again, explaining why I decided not to buy their product - that I didn't like their marketing methods, I didn't want anything long term and wasn't informed up front, and I didn't feel the rep knew much about the product - so how could I trust the allergy information I was given. And why would I lock myself into repeated orders if I don't know how I will react to the supplement? I told her no, firmly; I was not interested in buying the product from the company, ever. End of conversation.

Today I got ANOTHER call from another "manager," again trying to sell me the product, a stronger salesperson than the last one, and saying he could offer me a special deal. I asked him if he'd listened to my original phone call, where I clearly explained why I didn't trust the company (it was "recorded for quality assurance purposes.") No, he hadn't. So, again,I went through the same issues with him. He was very persistent, saying if I signed a contract for a celphone, why wouldn't I sign a contract with their company so I could get a "better deal" by getting constant regular shipments of their product! Good grief! Again, NO!

Sorry for the rant! Just want to warn you all. This might be a great product. However, this company is using very heavy-handed marketing techniques, IN MY OPINION. I was not told up front about the recurring credit charges - or the fact that the price may slide all over the place depending on what you order and whom you speak to. And IF you call, they've GOT YOUR NUMBER, like it or not.


kvc33 - September 12

If I see an ad I see if the company has a website and what the terms are and if auto-shipping is a part of the way they do business I don't even consider buying from them. There is a website that has tons of supplements of all different brands that I have ordered from repeatedly and had no problems with. Just google iherb. You are much more patient than I am, I wouldn't even have answered the phone. When I do pick up the phone and there is a solicitor on the other end, I immediately hang up. I have no problem with anyone thinking that this is rude, I only had to have a couple of bad experiences to adopt this rule.


January - September 13

Hi kvc - thanks for the info. I guess it's just the "new" way of doing business -- check everything! I was so angry, I didn't mind ranting at them about the way they were marketing a product that might actually be a good thing - I was mad because I wasn't told up front it would be auto-shipping, and I think that possibly indicates a scam. So I wanted to post here and warn people, in case they had a similar experience. I won't be answering any further calls from them! And I think they got the message, since they haven't called today!



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