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38 Replies
higirl - September 12

I have tried marijuana for my fibromyalgia and it increased the pain. Anyone else have the same results? Wondering why


ar. angel - July 25

I have tried it and it seemed to help the pain for me.


Christine - August 20

I still use it..
My results are like: If I smoke it and take Motrin, it kind of works. If I smoke it alone, my pain flares up like no tomorrow. But then again, it sort of makes me forget about the pain, like it isn't as bad as my body is telling me it is. I'll stick to Motrin and Marijuana.. Cause since I haev no insurance, it is cheaper than Vicodin or Morphine Drips.


Christine - August 20



Donna - August 22

Another reason that Pot should be legal, but I'll not go there..... my hope is that you all get to feeling better. There is no reason a person should have to be in pain with today's medical technology. No excuse at all!


Leo - September 2

Answer: Hi, have you tried TF? Medical Doctors endorse this new product, all natural. 1-866-315-4001 then e-mail me [email protected] PS: this product is on the PRD (medical reference book)


Jennifer - November 11

Yes I have and I wonder if it's working against me or for me???


Suz - November 12

Tread very carefully. Speaking from experience, you cannot tell, generally, in the early days of use, but pot has the potential to send you over the edge. Along with the head trip stuff, your pain threshold may get sensitized with continued use. Along with that your opening the door to other health issues ie. lungs. Think about it and all the best!



What its does for me is ,not really stop the pain but it stops me from panicing and stressing from the pain.The pain is still there but i can relax and focus on life.I think pot should be use as medical use.We should not have to hide it,if its help in ANY way we should be aloud to!!In canada we at least have some rights.So roll a joint and relax smoke until the smile comes back!O)


Cassie - November 14

I have been smoking for the past few years and there are times when it helps and there are times when my pain sky rockets because of it. Is this commmon with FM?


Still smokin - November 15

Sorry in my case no ,its allways works for me never had an increase of pain.May be you should try eating it?The best way is to use ground hash or the crystals ,i use 1 film container of hash or crystals to a batch of 24 cookies.Try eating half 1 first see how much you need,it may be more or less.I eat 1 full one.Other thing is you might be smoking the wrong strain for fm.Indaca works great for me! Hope it helps pain is no fun!!


joanne - December 9

Nopaine has been a great pain reliever for is topical and it is great stuff.check it out..i reccommend it. relief!!
i agree that marijuana can help but as some of us with fibro we can be overly sensitive to anything really! lol! like anything....try it and see if it works.but i smoke now and again and sometimes im cool with it and feel more chilled than it being pain relief (which isnt a bad another time it can make my back and legs really painful the same happens with me with alcohol...yet another over sensitivity!! lol


Jean - December 10

I've never smoked pot, it sounds like an antidepressant to me.LOL


JJ - August 19

i have not smokin pot but i have had fibromyalgia for six years and im in so much pain im 14 now and no legal medication has helped for my pain i dont know what i should do.


FOR JJ - August 19



say hello to LUNG CANCER........ - August 19

hey chronics, it may ease your pain but one joint is equivalent to 15 cigarettes worth of tar in your lungs. no thanks.


Debra - August 19

I smoke it all night. its the only thing that knocks me out so I can get some sleep (my husband snores so loudly and kicks in bed as well) I find that it makes me crave a lot of fatty foods as a result I've ballooned up to 286lbs within the last year or so. I used to be against drugs but it helps me cope. sometimes it makes me a little loose-lippped and I say things I shouldn't but its worth it. we have had some major fights in our household about it but I will keep on keeping on because it works better than vicodin. I was addicted to that for 2 years and had to go to rehab in the hospital in Toronto. It was hell. part of the 12 steps program is clean living which means that I really shouldn't be smoking it or drinking Hochtaler at night but the pain is so bad I don't care anymore. I don't care how much tar is in them it eases some of this terribel fibromylgia pain we are all suffering. maybe I'm wrong but let the good Lord forgive me, take care, Debra.



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