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Manageable control
3 Replies
15plus - November 12

I am a 46 yr old, female.I still have "growing pains" in my legs, I get "worrie warts" on my hands, when I awake in the morings I smell like I have played high school football all night.
2 yrs ago I was told that I have fibromyalgia, since that time I have been through all the approved meds(Lyrica,Cymbalta,Neurontin etc.) I currently take Keppra, Cymbalta, Vicodin, Lidoderm patches & cream, Halsemon. I am tired of the monthly shots, the multi-pills daily, the never ending muscle pain.

Is there any new help?

Is there any old help?


Noca - November 13

Theres still Savella to try, its like Cymbalta. Or you could try a stronger long acting opiate like Opana(if your in the US), Oxycontin, Methadone, or best of all, Fentanyl patches.


lorieholtz - November 13

if u try the fentanyl patches all i can say is be careful. i just got off of those things and they about killed me literally. it takes about the 3 to 4 patch before u notice it working and the morning after i put on my 5th patch my heartrate was up to 188 beats per min. i tore that patch off and really accoding to the papers i should have gone into the hospital for a 24hr watch, but i'm to stubborn for that... i hate hospitals lol. noca, i've never heard of Opana what is that?? i don't know bout everyone else but my tolerance to meds is very low and i'm afraid that their will not be much more for them to try and also i'm scared to try cux i've had to bad extremely bad reactions to 2 meds in the past 5 wks. ty for listening.


axxie - November 14

15plus, may I make a few suggestions, first I want you to drink milk, especially a glass right before bedtime. The second good news, the smell can be diminished, by keeping your room cooler then other rooms to start. Also you are not drinking enough water, for you would need at least 8 full glasses. Stay away from the fried foods, sandwich meats they have loads of nitrate and no cola or coffees.



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