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Malic Acid
18 Replies
JJ1 - May 9

I was doing some internet research on malic acid and how it is used to treat Fibromyalgia symptoms. Has anyone here tried it? Sounds like it is usually taken with Magnesium. Did it help with your pain and fibrofog? Just curious.


JJ1 - May 9

Sorry this is going to be a long post, but if anyone is interested in malic acid, here is some info I found……………………..http:/
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“Malic Acid and Magnesium:
A Powerful Combination?
By Kenna Simmons
Date unknown, Reviewed March 2007
---Malic acid and magnesium. This so-called "natural cocktail" is touted on the Internet and in print as offering relief from the pain and fatigue that accompany fibromyalgia. While they don't work for everyone, some evidence suggests that malic acid and magnesium supplements may indeed be helpful as part of a well-rounded treatment regimen.
---A 1995 study in the Journal of Rheumatology explains the following hypothesis for the cause of muscle pain experienced by people with fibromyalgia. Tender points are areas deficient in ATP, a phosphate that acts as a source of energy for many metabolic processes. ATP is a kind of "energy currency" - that is, the calories in food are converted to ATP before being used as fuel by the body. Malic acid and magnesium are two substances involved in generating ATP more effectively.
---The study tested this hypothesis by measuring the effects of malic acid and magnesium on fatigue in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled test. For four weeks, participants received three tablets of Super Malic, each containing 200 milligrams (mg) of malic acid and 50 mg of magnesium, every day. They refrained from taking other medications except acetaminophen for severe headache. Patients taking Super Malic showed no significant improvement over those taking placebos during this part of the study. Most patients also participated in a later, open-label phase, however, during which they took three tablets of Super Malic (no placebo) and increased the dosage every three to five days until they reported improvement. They took this combination for four months.
---"Using low dosage didn't seem to help much," says I Jon Russell, MD, PH, associate professor of medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and one of the study's authors. "With open-label trial and higher dosage, most patients believed it was helping them". A placebo-controlled study needs to be repeated using higher dosages, Dr Russell says. In the meantime, he tells his patients that malic acid and magnesium are not proven to work, "but if it does reduce their fatigue, it might be a reasonable addition to other measures because it is likely ----to be relatively free of side effects."
The most common side effect of malic acid is loose stools; people with poorly functioning kidneys should avoid the combination because they may not be able to eliminate the magnesium properly.

Malic Acid: 1,200mg to 2,400 mg of malic acid daily, in several doses
Magnesium: 300mg to 600 mg of magnesium daily, in several doses

Avoid these supplements if you have kidney problems.
Always consult your doctor first.
---The dosage Dr Russell recommends is a total of 2,000 mg of malic acid daily and 500mg of magnesium, which can be divided into two to four doses taken throughout the day.
James McKoy, MD, a rheumatologist at Kaiser Permanente of Hawaii in Honululu, recommends similar daily doses of 1,200 to 2,400 mg of malic acid and 300 to 600mg of magnesium.
---Dr. McKoy emphasises that although these supplements may help, they are not a cure. "I tell patients that these supplements play a very small role in the overall treatment of fibromyalgia," he says. "Many patients try one or two supplements, and they are disappointed when they don't feel much better."
---He tells his patients they must consider a variety of factors: nutrients, sleep, mood, stress, sexuality, fitmess, pain and psychological influences. "Many patients stop helpful supplements when they continue to have pain and fatigue because these other issues are not dealt with," he says.
---For further reading:

• Good Nights: How to Sleep Well Without Drugs
• FibroDol: Malic Acid and Magnesium for Nutrient Support”


Fantod - May 11

Hi JJ1 - I have been using Malic Acid for a while. I've found that I have less pain. I also added d-ribose a couple of weeks ago. That helped with my energy level quite a bit. Of the two, I am most impressed with the d-ribose. I have less "crash & burn" moments during the day.


JJ1 - May 11

Fantod - Sorry for all these questions.......How did the malic acid help with fibrofog? That is what debilitates me the most. Was your malic acid combined with magnesium? Also, what is the dose of malic acid that you are taking? Did a doctor recommend that you take the malic acid (and the d-ribose)?


JJ1 - May 11

anyone interested, here is an article on d-ribose, which Fantod has mentioned...
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larry - May 11

Hi JJ1, I am sooo glad that you found this site. If you follow Dr. Teitlebaums advice you will gain better health and a better understanding of Fibro. Dr. Teitlebaum has seminars across the country for doctors (2 days) as well as evening seminars for patients and doctors. He also has an online program as well. If you study from Dr. Teitlebam site's ( as well as and the sites you are well on your well to tapping into the medical community that is very progressive and very successful in treating fibro. PS. I have been taking the nutritional powder mix that Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum created for 6 months now. What a difference it has made. Malic acid is just one of the many ingredients. I would try not to focus on just one ingredient such as Malic acid as there are hundreds if not thousands of nutrients us fibro patients are deficient in. There is not ONE major "silver bullet" that is a cure all for these deficiencies, this syndrome requires a very comprehensive approach as it involves many of our systems at once. Unfortunately, most doctors are not trainned to see how all of these systems work together- they each have their specialities on certain parts of the body which is why this fibro syndrome is incorrectly viewed as non-cureable. You are well on your way to getting better if you continue to study these sites. Congrats on finding the web site.


skidoo - May 11

JJ1, it can be dangerous to take supplements that your body may not need. I believe another contributor to this forum found that his fibro symptoms were due to an overdose of one of the B vitamins. Also be wary of natural and synthetic hormone supplements not taken under a doctors direction. Before taking any supplements, even so-called "natural" supplements and over-the-counter meds, discuss with your physician.


skidoo - May 11

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid supplemental D-ribose.

Supplemental D-ribose may cause hypoglycemia and elevation in uric acid levels. Those with gout should avoid supplemental D-ribose, and those with elevated uric acid levels and hypoglycemics should exercise extreme caution in its use. Those with diabetes should also exercise extreme caution in its use. And those diabetics who decide to try D-ribose must be under a physician's supervision and have their blood glucose levels closely monitored and their antidiabetic medications appropriately adjusted, if necessary.

Reported adverse reactions include hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia, hyperuricosuria, diarrhea, nausea and headache.

Antidiabetic drugs: D-ribose may cause hypoglycemia. Diabetics who use D-ribose must have their blood glucose levels closely monitored and their antidiabetic medicines appropriately adjusted, if necessary.


skidoo - May 11

Note - Dr. Teitelbaum's trial with d-ribose would be unacceptable to the medical community because of the small sample size and the fact that none were given a placebo.


Fantod - May 18

I have been seeing a well qualified nutritionist. She is fine with the use of d-ribose and malic acid. I don't think the malic acid helps with fibro-fog. But I do find that I feel better when I use it than on the days I miss taking it for one reason or another. I think my overall pain level is better when using malic acid and the d-ribose certainly helps with sustained energy.


JJ1 - May 18

Fantod, is your malic acid combined with magnesium? Also, do you know the dose that you take?


Fantod - May 31

JJ1 - Yes, my malic acid is combined with magnesium. I take 2 tablets a day - 825mg each tablet. I am seeing the nutrionist again in a couple if weeks. She is attending a conference in NC which will specifically address FMS. I'm sure she will have some good information and may make changes to my supplements. I'll share the information she gives me.


zena123 - June 13

magnesium with mwlic acid helped me a is a natural muscle relaxant. calcium helps to get rid of the acid in your muscles. b complex helps with stress and energy. coq 10 helps with energy also.


zena123 - June 13



zena123 - June 13

magnesium with mwlic acid helped me a is a natural muscle relaxant. calcium helps to get rid of the acid in your muscles. b complex helps with stress and energy. coq 10 helps with energy also. cleanses also help


Tiza - July 10

Oh, my goodness, I was going to say this and how much it helps. It's the most wonderful thing that I have ever tried, but I use a magnesium w/SRT, that's a sustained release. I'm new here and wanted to tell everyone how great that it is. I am so saddened by so many people in pain all the time, it seems. If anything has helped me at all, it is that. I'm not naming the company, BTW.



Tiza - July 10

I have just found the perfect mix, magnesium (which is in every muscle cell in our bodies, or should be there, especially strongly in our heart) and malate, i.e., malic acid. I don't know what everyone is buying or where they are buying it from, but my husband and I have found the best stuff in the whole world, Magnesium w/srt, and I'm not naming the brand of it, the company. I can understand people with chronic kidney failure not wanting to take mg, but normal people and people with no kidney problems whatsoever 'as in chronic kidney failure,' they need mg for the fact that it takes this to have life! If you don't have mg, you will die. Plain and simple. Lack of mg will kill us and enough mg will actually improve your kidneys, that is, if you're not in chronic failure. So I don't know why some doctors are against mg, but perhaps they haven't really studied it. No wonder people are dying so young from sudden cardiac death. Whatever the case may be, my husband and I (both in our 50s) are so much better off for taking this and are no longer hurting at all. I'm so impressed and wish everyone would have this benefit. I no longer have insomnia, which I've had since '96, and I've been on this specific brand of mg for one month. I no longer have constant pain throughout my body. It's been such a blessing that I want to shout it out and hope that everyone can be free of pain.



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