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main symptttoms
3 Replies
Kristi - May 2

what are the main complaints of fybromyaalgia sufferers


kelli - April 26

severe unccontrollable pain, not sleeping, and almost always feeling like crap


Kazz - April 28

The list here is pretty extensive but my symptoms are extreme tiredness but unable to sleep (I feel like the walking dead), aches and pains all over, tingling hands and feet, forgetting things easily - eg having a conversation and ill forget the word im after and its really frustrating or driving somewhere and then forgetting where Im going, if I get to where Im going I forget why Im there, walking from one room of the house to get something in another room and forgetting what I was getting etc, blurred vision at times, IBS, When I get my legs waxed it hurts alot and I am bruised for about a week afterwards (and I have tried different people and places to get waxed and its the same where ever I go), nausea when Im tired or if I have taken pain medication - ummm Im sure there is more but as I say the list here is pretty good my suggestion would be have a look at it :)


Pam - May 2

Kristi, Mine started out with swelling in my feet & hands, burning & tingling, extreme fatigue & pain in my legs, feet & hands. My doctor diagnosed me immediately even before the bloodwork came back and he was right. I have had to learn to "slow" down - I am high geared and thave to rest more. I am also a very light sleeper. Weight loss has helped me tremendously for my legs & feet. Also, try to stay away from caffeine and sugar - they aggravate the FMS. Soaks in Epsom Salt (FMS & migraine suffereres are magnesium deficient), Magnesium supplement, Aspercreme to rub yourself down & Bed Buddy heat pack (Walmart $10) for the pain. I also suffer from chronic sinus/allergy problems & migraines and they worsened with the FMS. I have learned to take things a day at a time in the Lord. I am praying for you right now.



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