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Magnet therapy
8 Replies
Jessie - August 7

Has anyone tried/had success with magnet therapy? I've been told it's beneficial for arthritis and possibly fibro.


stephanie - July 30

I have never known anyone who has done this.. but a few years ago I saw a program.. Dateline or 60 minutes .. not sure which one.. about how it is not really beneficial.. that its somewhat of a scam.. I am not claiming this.. I have never known anyone to try it.. just passing on info I saw on television..


Jessie - July 31

Thanks, Stephanie. It does sound far-fetched but sometimes the pain is so bad, I guess I'm pulling at straws.


stephanie - August 1

Believe me .. I understand.. Ive done about everything there is to do.. supliments, massage, manipulations, accupuncture.. This illness has cost me some money!!.. Good luck to you though !! I wish you the very best and hope you are feeling better soon!


Hannah - August 4

I have a friend without Fibro,..but with arthritis. He swears that his magnetic mattress pad really helps,..says it increases circulation,..and he sweats at night while laying on it. Also, I've had some relief with Chinese Herbs used to increase circulation, it makes sense that it may help. I think we're all different,..and all of us respond to different things.


Jessie - August 4

Thanks, Hannah. I think you're right that different things work for different people. My aunt swears by magnets, but I guess I have my doubts. It's hard to know what's worth trying and what's not.


Hannah - August 4

Hi Jesse;
I'vec been told by my chiropractor that we shouldn't spend allot of $$ on magnets,...try the inexpensive ones. But on the other hand,..I've also heard that different magnets are better than others. Might be worth a try to ask your Aunt which magnets she found to work. I've heard that there's differnt 'polarities' to each kind of magnet,.........good luck,.and let me know how you make out!


Hannah - August 4

I too have tried almost everything under the sun; wholistic medicine,..alternative medicine,..traditional Chinese medicine [that works pretty well for me] and chiropractic. Chinese herbs for 'circulation' worked the best,..maybe you can try a practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine if you already haven't. [ you'll want to look for one that is trained in herbal medicine as well,...and one that has taken a 'long course' in training,...some Shinese Doctors that have been MD's in China,..are only required to take a short course in Acupuncture [that helped me as well] and heral medicine,......
Best of luck andbest wishes to feel better soon!


stephanie - August 7

Hannah.. thanks so much for the input.. I truly appreciate it ... I have recently been devoted to a workout schedule and it has really helped tremendously.. We all have our own things that seem to help and I think letting people know so they can try is a good thing..I have thought of holistic medicine.. simply because i am a mother and I dont want to be dependant on perscriptions.. thanks again and good luck to you !!



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