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lyrica- how effective?
11 Replies
Ronalee - August 3

Hi from a new member: just diagnosed with FM; terrific pain in hips, knees, legs. If anyone is on Lyrica, which was prescribed to me this week, can you tell me how effective it is for you; what are the pitfalls etc. I also have Sjogren's Syndrome and Sleep Apnea and use the CPAP. Many thanks.


Fantod - August 3

Hi Ronalee, Welcome to the board. I don't use Lyrica. I use Neurontin which is similar. I don't tolerate meds very well so I only take 100 mg at night. That way some of the side effects lessen while I am sleeping. I know several people who take/have taken Lyrica. Some of them did not get any relief and some did. Some gained weight and some did not. Everyone is different so it is hard to know if it will work for you. Another alternative is Cymbalta which is also used for pain. I use a low dose of that too which does give me some relief. Take some time to read through the posts on this board. There is a lot of good information. Take care.


Amelia Jane - August 5

Hello, I have been on Lyrica for about 4 weeks. I have had really bad chest pain. It seemed to help me after the first week quite a bit. I have had more pain in the last week, and I think it is from over doing things. I was feeling better, and so thought I could do some things, like hang up laundry and just be more active, but I have paid the price for that. I was also given Darviset for pain. I have taken one or two a day. I am definitely sleeping better tho. I think the Lyrica tends to make me really sleepy in the mornings. I haven't decided if it is a great drug for me or not. I am on 300mg twice a day. I hope you have good luck with it. Give it some time to work, It takes up to 6 weeks to reach its full effectiveness. Take care.


Lesleybird - August 7

Hi, I just posted my results with Lyrica in the Fibromyalgia Support Group section of this site under another poster's post on Lyrica.


Trish7430 - August 7

Hi Ronalee, I am also new. I have been on Lyrica for about 3 months now. The side effects were bad in the beginning. I started out on a very low dose and only took it at night. I now take 150mg t


Trish7430 - August 7

I accidently hit submit.
I now take 150mg twice a day and tolerate it well. I've lost the extra weight I gained and the swelling in my hands and feet have lessened. I have much more energy and less pain. I would recommend it. It takes a while for you to feel an improvement. Good luck and let me know how it works for you.


sherrym - August 8

Hi Ronalee, I was previously on Lyrica and ended up at the doctors with what appeared to resemble a stroke, blurred vision, headache, numbness on one side and confusion. I was taken off the med and the next day I was fine. I don't tolerate meds easily but this was a scarry one, I had only taken one pill and 30 minutes later, this is what happed. Good luck, hopefully you get relief and not grief.


larrab2005 - August 26

I actually have been on Lyrica for two weeks. I just switched from Neurotin to Lyrica. I've had no bad side effects....but having a little more pain than when I was on Neurotin. My doctor said to give it a couple more weeks. So we will see.


nburnett5 - August 31

Hi there, I was also on Lyrica for a few months. All of the side effects that came with it, I seemed to have gotten. It did nothing for the pain. It goes mentioning that I have a high tolerance for any pain meds, (dentist, child labor, basic otc meds) whatever its for I need higher doses for it to effect me.
So the higher it went, the more other effects I was having. I guess like the others have said, everyone is different.
Hope it works out well.


tnichel - August 31

Welcom fellow sjogrens sufferer. I have been on Lyrica for 4 months. Haven't had any major side effects other than getting dizzy when bending over or getting up too quickly. My doc recently upped my dose so I could stop taking otc pain meds so many times a week. (75 mlg in the mornings, 150-2 pills at night) I have noticef the higher dose makes me sleepier but I have low tolerance to meds that make you drowsy. I gained a few more pounds but 2 of the 3 meds I take cause you to gain wait. Does your doc have you on plaquenil for the sjogrens? Be patient... It takes a while to see a change. Good luck!


tullius - October 14

Lyrica made my Vit D levels drop to almost zero.
I was in terrible pain because of it. I would not recommend it as what it does is SLOW nerve transmission everywhere, not just in the place that hurts. Seems to me that over time this could turn into all kinds of problems since nerve transmission is needed for almost every bodily function.


loveschihuahuas - October 23

I was on Lyrica for a while but when I started taking it twice a day it was giving me anxiety attacks, made my blood pressure take a dive and the memory problems were horrible! I am much better mentally but physically I hurt worse so I just found out it really was helping with the pain now that I'm not on it I can really tell the difference. I may try Neurontin and see if I can handle it since different people react differently to medicines. Right now my skin is hurting like I have a sunburn and I'm having pins and needles all over my body as well. Not looking forward to cold weather! I love the fall and the spring though. Good luck with the Lyrica. I hope it works for you.

TC and God bless you and yours with each step and breath you take.




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