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Lyrica expirences
4 Replies
coop - October 10

My doc has just prescribed Lyrica for my Fibro pain. I am interested in hearing any and all experiences with the drug.
Good?Bad? Side effects? How long to work? Etc. Etc.


sunglo - October 10

coop my sister has jus started bout month ago and so far she says it really helps with the pain ..she did say she is able to get some sleep jus keeps her little wobblely..but dr said she woould adjust in time..i am wondering the same as im to start next month


JoniB - October 11

I tried Lyrica and it did seem to help with the pain. On the downside I was taking it and Paxil and gained a lot of weight so I went off both and the 33 pounds has came back off. Now I take Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Tramadol, Baclofen, Zanex.


nburnett5 - October 21

Hi coop,
I am also on Lyrica and I have gotten better sleep and wont feel as much pain when I get up. but as the day goes on of course it weares off. When I get up, I am groggy.
I stopped taking it for a week to see if it was from the Lyrica and Iam not groggy anymore. I have too much to do starting @ 6am. with getting kids to school and all.
I have noticed a quick gain in weight. Not liking that. I used to be a very active runner and in the gym everyday -to walking in the park trails every other day. (the other days, Im resting from the pain I get because I went walking the day before- UGH!)

Iam also onCelebrex for daytime pain. Uh yeah, gas, gas, gas. not liking that either.
My girlfriends sister has had Fibro and major depression and she has been on everything under the sun. I was told that this last drug has been the best help and has been loosing weight. Effexor. I think its for depression but helps with relief of all her FM symtoms.
I dont like taking any meds so Im on a mission to see what will help me naturally.
Hope you do well with the Lyrica COOP. =)


TNUtammy - October 21

When I first started taking lyrica it made me want to sleep all day long, instead of just most of it. Plus it made me so dizzy after the first week that I even fell in the floor a few times after standing up. I live by myself, so I called my mom to have her call me every hour or so just to make sure I didn't knock myself unconscious. Thankfully that didn't happen, but I missed a lot of work and had to stop taking it.

I recently decided to take a medical leave of absence and give this another try, but this time my doctor suggested working up to the full dosage more slowly than she had first recommended. I had even thought it was kind of weird that you go from 1 pill a day to 4 (2 in the morning and 2 at night) within the course of a single week. I should have listened to my better judgement on this one...

So right now I'm only taking 2 pills at night and one in the morning and it still makes me want to take naps even during the late afternoon hours of the day. I try really hard not to nap because it messes up my sleep at night so much, but its nearly impossible not to nap during the first few weeks of this. I've been taking it for almost a month now and have gotten to where I can resist the late afternoon nap (most of the time) but its hard for me to tell if its helping with the pain. Before I started taking lyrica I pretty much hurt all the time, but I've noticed a lot recently that there are times when I don't hurt at all. My pain seems to come in spurts now and are more severe, but usually pass pretty quickly. Instead of having a dull to moderate ache all the time, I now get spurts of severe, shooting pain. Maybe this will wear off too in time, so I'll keep you guys posted.



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